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Drinking winny

So it has been established in this weeks issue that drinking winny is just as effective as shooting it any1 try this yet?

No. But I am about to give it a try and I’ll let you know.

But Bill said a 50 mg dose a day was good. I think my buddy was only going a 100 mg a week and was getting good results. Does anyone else have an opinion on dose per week per day?

Let me know.

anyone know how much winny I should add to a deca/test cycle? If I do 200mgDeca/125mgTest every 5 days,how much winny is needed to eliminate the progesterone crossover thing which happens with Deca? Thx :slight_smile:

when u say 50mg a day are u talking about oral?because im talking about drinking from the vial

Gunna use the injectable as an oral and mix it in a shake.

Several of the replies sound as if it’s being planned to take ONE dose per day orally of the Winstrol.

Now, I have not proven it with Winstrol in specific, but in general with the orals, gains are MUCH better with divided doses, e.g. five times per day (which should include the middle of the night with a protein shake if and only if you naturally awaken briefly in the night) than with single daily doses. MUCH better.

so bill if i have ampuols how am i supposed to divide that per day? to use more than one amp a day is not cost efective

Think GOD! I am tired of the damn sight injection pain I am getting from shoting 3cc’s of winnie up every other day.

Let’s say you want to take 50 mg/day. And that 5 times per day is convenient for you (perhaps with the 5th being mixed into a protein shake you drink when you naturally awake briefly in the middle of the night.)

So, if you have a multiuse vial, shake thoroughly and withdraw 1/5 of a mL for each
dosing. (20 IU on an insulin needle.)

If you have a single use ampule, preferably you’d inject it into an otherwise-emptied multiuse vial so you could use as above. If you don’t have any such thing, then I suppose you could withdraw all 1 mL into one needle, and squirt .20 mL each time. Probably on latter doses it would be best to squirt it all back into the original amp, then draw it back in, so as to remix it, in case the suspension has gotten uneven. But I have not done the no-multi-use-vial scenario so that is a guess.