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Drinking Winny?

let me ask you “bros” somethin, can a “BRO” drink winny if a “BRO” wants to?? let this “BRO” know.

yep. you can. tastes nasty though. thanks for the post on the other thread. good luck with the winny. peace

I see from your profile you have one friend, interesting that is.

Whats with all the bro shit?

Quotation marks are mainly used to quote speech, sentences or words. They can also be used to denote irony. They can�??t be used, however, to add emphasis to a word or sentence.

Thus endeth today’s lesson…

You could ask your bros how to use the search feature and it may be shocking do discover that this topic has be asked a few zillion times.

AR actually wrote a somewhat interesting article on this topic is you find the urge to look for it and weed through all the rest of the shit he is all about. The article goes through both the pros and cons of consuming winstrol orally vs IM.

[quote]MONSTERMATT wrote:
yeah fukkit im gonna drink it[/quote]

Add about a gallon of turps to that. I guarantee you’ll see results.