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Drinking Winny / Mixing w/ AI + Water

Hello forum,

Long time reader of this forum, first time poster.

Anyways, straight to the point. I have some winny which I am planning on drinking instead of pinning because I am taking test enanthate and i am not pinning that frequently at the moment.


Can I mix winny in a small water bottle and leave it refrigerated without it spoiling? If so, how long?

Question #2: I am also taking adex in liquid form, would winny mixed with adex and water stored in the fridge spoil or no?

Reason being is that I want to prepare my weekly supplementation ahead of time and instead of drawing from two different bottles every day, just have them premixed in the fridge in a convenient water bottle.


Why can’t you just put in fridge and pull out daily , no harm mix with water dose uneven. I got powder winny once, had to mix with evererclear, and pull out with syringe.

I’d mix with vodka instead but should be fine.

freeze it into popsicles.