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Drinking While on PCT



I am doing short cycles now with short esters such as test prop!! my cycle is 2 weeks on 4 weeks off !! Anyways I will be starting my cycle on 12th of march and my last test prop shot will be on day 12 (250 mg front load on day 1 and 100 mg ED till day 12)!! Day 12 will fall on 23rd of march !! then I will start my PCT on day 26th and my pct is:

day 15: 100mg of nolvadex
day 16-22: 40 mg of nolvadex
day 23-36: 20 mg of nolvadex

well on 31st of march I will be going to sweden for 5 days and There is no way I can avoid drinking !! (don't get me wrong I am a dedicated bodybuilder!! I haven't had any alcohol for the past 4 months just for the sake of training) !! Is it alright to have drinks in the middle of my pct ??? (from 31st of march to 4th march)


correction : I will start my PCT on 26th of march not on day 26


Actually, you could avoid drinking, you just won't.

Its really quite simple, when you are offered alcohol, you say no...
When you walk in a store, you do not buy alcohol...

When you go out to eat, you do not buy alcoholic beverages...

By you can't avoid it you probably mean you are going to sweden with some friends and they will want to drink and you don't have the willpower to say no.


Enjoy your life, a few drinks isn't going to destroy you. I've been out drinking during PCT and I didn't worry about it. That's not to say I make a habit of drinking, I usually go out sober, but given the choice between possibly losing some gains and enjoying a few cocktails with my friends who really want to see me, I think I'd always choose friends.


ok let me put these in other words !! I WANT TO DRINK DURING THIS TIME !! I haven't had any holiday or alcohol for a long time !! and I always wanted to go to sweden for a long time and TBH i want to have fun !! I will be drinking anyway , I just want to know whats the damage on my gains !!




Alcohol does pretty much stop testosterone synthesis though, according to some article I read. Not the best thing when you are in PCT trying to restart natural production, but like was said above it probably won't hurt anything...

Unless you plan to stay shitfaced for 5 days haha

Understandable to do what you want on vacation.


thx thats the answer I was looking for :slight_smile: !! no I will probably have one night of getting shitfaced but the rest will be just maybe one or 2 drinks in those 5 days !! and when I am back I will stop drinking again!!


You get excited easily don't you...


First off. Enough with the exclamation points.

Drinking while on the cycle is a better idea from a gains/aesthetic perspective. Drinking during PCT is the worst possible time to drink.

That info doesnt apply when using oral steroids.


lol i do not understand this forum, why does everyone has problem with me using exclamation mark??? Its not like I am writing an essay ..... its out of habbit. and no I don't use it if I am writing a proper email or an essay... lol its just a forum. u lot chill out :slight_smile:

p.s. happy? one post with no exclamation marks.


Make sure you eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel like drinking on cycle cant possibly be that detrimental on your body, I know it screws up your gains and should be avoided if you want to grow but i know several people in my college that do anadrol only cycles for 10 to 12 weeks and drink liquor almost every day and take no milk thistle or any liver support. i follow the rules, i take liv 52, milk thistle, Superfood, and drink cranberry juice when im on cycle and think to myself wow these guys are gonna get bad sides or really hurt themselves but every day i see them smiling and hungover in the gym getting bigger and stronger with no signs of anything negative. All im saying is i dont think its gonna make a difference at all if you drink for a couple days.


wow anadrol for 12 weeks cycle?? AND drinking? i can assure u they will develop liver problems in the furure!! Anadrol especially is the most toxic oral


some idiots out there!


Anadrol is no more toxic than most other orals, regardless of what a zillion shitty steroid-profiles says.

12 weeks of anadrol in and of itself is not that crazy for anyone with a healthy liver (well, you might get other sides that are troublesome). Combining orals with heavy drinking is obviously not the best idea, but anadrol is no worse than most other orals in this regard.


Oral toxicity is way overstated IMO.


well it depends on the person and varies from one to another. In the 70s bodybuilders used high doses of orals year round and they were most fine (arnold being an example, who used to take up to 150 mg of Dbol) but then i have hear people having serious liver problems with taking 40 mg of superdrol! Say what u want , as far as I am concerned and blood tests show I have a healthy liver and Once i used to drink on orals and the next day i used to wake up looking really pale and feeling like shit. Surely that can't be a healthy feeling. That was when I stopped taking orals. or atleast not taking them when drinking


Uhm... well it's called being hung over. Anyway I am not saying it's healthy to use orals and drink heavily. Just that Anadrol is not more toxic than other oral steroids. And from what I've read (which could be bullshit) superdrol is more toxic than many other orals, which is why syntex never released it (but did release anadrol).


Arnold told you that? Cool. What else did he say? Thats cool that you know his liver health too.

Leave the hearsay for the bro-boards. You have no idea what someone 40 years ago put in their body, you sound dumb.