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Drinking Supplementation?


I came across the web site for a product called "RU 21". It is supposed to naturally help the body metabolize alcohol when one drinks. This reminds me of the Chaser product that was advertised aggresively a few years back. I looked on the RU 21 web site, and there didn't seem to be much science. I want to say the supposodly it leads to less conversion to acetate, not sure if I'm spelling it correctly though. Does anyone have any thoughts on this for those times when one does partake?


Take a good multivitamin and try to end the night with some water.

The worse you feel the next day, the better a time you must have had... revel in it!


I was talking to a girl working at a pharmacy a while back and she said they used to sell it otc and you had to take approx.two pills for every three drinks so if you're gonna go out and shit-faced you'll be taking almost half the box. You'll probably forget to keep popping pills at the bar. She also said all that vitamin c will give you the shits.

Doesn't seem worth it to me.

A hangover is a sign that you're hurting your body and somebody trys to invent a pill to mask the fact that you're killing yourself!