Drinking Pasteurized Egg Whites

I’ve read a lot of conflicting comments on this but sometimes in the morning if I’m on the go I put my egg whites in the blender with oatmeal and drink it. They’re pasteurized either the brand is all whites or egg beaters egg whites and both are pasteurized. Does the protein content stay the same whether it’s cooked or you drink it? I keep hearing conflicting views. When I think I’m drinking 50 grams of protein am I really getting less based off of the nutritional facts vs cooked?

If anything, protein would be reduced in the cooking process so you’re good.

Edit: I checked with a friend who is a chef and has studied culinary science for over 30 years and she says eggs in particular have a higher digestible protein content when cooked as opposed to raw. Something along the lines of 150% more.
Who knew?? :wink:

Pretty sure that’s just bro science. A raw cut of meat doesn’t have more protein than a cooked steak, and a rare doesn’t have more protein than a well done.

It’s not necessarily a matter of content but of bioavailability.

It’s a null point though because all of the good stuff is in the yolk.

Edit: fuel for the fire-Article Landing Page - American Egg Board


Drinking raw eggs is based way more off bro science (Rocky?) than the idea of bioavailability. Plus, higher temperatures have a higher likelihood of denaturing protein, so well done steaks may in fact have less protein - though there are definitely conflicting schools of thought here.

I just do not see a reason to eat raw eggs. Eggs are so fucking good. Poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, scramble, sunny side up, over easy, give me eggs or give me death.

Also, @skyzyks is spot on, eat whole eggs. Yolks are awesome.


But does cooking really denature protein? What about all these “protein pancakes” and baked goods using protein powder? Is it just a marginal decrease? Like do you only lose 2g of protein off the impact?

Liquid egg whites are nasty. I’d rather mix that into a shake than eat nasty ass plain egg whites. The yolk is the good stuff. Crack and scramble is my fave

Just eat them man. Don’t worry about “losing protein”.

I eat like 120g of protein on most days and I’ve never had an issue strength or gains wise. I weight 186lbs. I’ve also eaten “all my protein” in one meal per day and didn’t notice any affects.

Just eat man and don’t overthink this. No one knows EXACTLY how much they are actually eating even if they track. Just gives you a range to stay within.

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I’ll use them raw in a shake for texture/content. My favorite annual shake is a milk, egg, yogurt base with a can of pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie seasoning. Mmmmmm! :yum:

My go to lately has been an over easy in a corn tortilla with a little basil and black pepper.

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Im cutting weight so all I been eating is steak and eggs. Hope I dont get killer constipated

As far as I’ve ever heard, yes it’s the same for pasteurized liquid egg whites. Raw egg whites have an absorption/bioavailability issue.

If you’re drinking 50g protein-worth of liquid egg whites, you’re just having a very expensive protein shake, like easily an extra buck or more per drink. In time crunch situations like that, you’d be better off (wallet-wise, at least), throwing a scoop of protein in water instead.

According to Dr. Lowery, depending on temperature and protein type, cooking may affect some health-boosting peptides but won’t affect amino content or muscle-building benefits so it’s ultimately not a significant issue.

Yes, since protein denaturation is simply the disruption of the secondary or tertiary structures of proteins, they can be denatured by temperature, pH, chemical agents, and alcohols.

Heat and oxygen would be the enemy for bioavailability, since heat catalyzes the oxidation of proteins. An oxidized protein would probably not act as a protein in the body; it would more likely be toxic. Since nitrates and nitrites are oxidizing agents, they are a concern for some people. Together with heat and protein, they can form nitrosamines, most of which are carcinogenic.

Edit: overall, this is minor issue though, as the percentage of peptides affected would be very small.

So my half asleep wife read the “pasteurized” part of the thread title and asked why a pastor is blessing the egg white…

Egg Whites

  1. The yoke is the best part of the egg.

  2. Egg White are an expensive method of getting your protein.

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