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Drinking over Christmas....


This might seem like a strange question but I was wondering...

The Christmas and New Year season is fast approaching and usually that means an increase in alcohol consumption. So which alcoholic beverage is best to consume in order to minimise, “bad” effects on one’s body?

Is beer for instance worse than whiskey etc

I’m not intending to indulge to ridiculous extremes but, I suspect, my alcohol intake will likely be significantly increased between Christmas and New Year and was wondering which drink to opt for in order to minimise negative effects.

Thanks in advance.


Beer, Wine and Shots are the lowest calorie choices. A sport nutritionist said that mixed drinks have around 600 Cal/serving (I dont remember a serving size). Beer and wine are around 120-150/serving, shots are less.
The short version is: don't drink mixed drinks.


The problem with beer (especially your wussy US beer ...kidding!) is that the alcohol content is very low 4% or so (compared to 6-7% for us). So this can encourage excessive drinking to get the intoxicating effect which can mean a lot of extra calories.


Dude, you need to come to Portland, Oregon. "Wussy", yeah, right.....

Patricia :slight_smile:


I agree with some of the posts here but frankly when it comes to alcoholic drinks you should go for whichever you like the best. THe least harmful will always be red wine. The reality is you will be drinking different drinks at different places during the holiday season anyway so just enjoy them and relax.


I concurr with Patricia. Allow me to also invite you to the mecca of American microbrew.


Okay numbnuts.....First off get on the milk thistle for the liver. Vodka is the "cleanest" or has the least toxins. Pineapple juice is the highest in Zinc which will keep the estrogen at bay and should help for when you hook up with the fat chick after a few. If you are a baller you will always order 'Goose and Pineapple' If you say it like that they will know you know your shit and it will be strong, make sure the tip is also......Yes I've spent a little time behind the bar.


You have to ask yourself why you are drinking:
a) do you want to not look stupid and just have a drink in your hand?
b) do you want to get drunk with minimal excess calories?

a) Wine is the best choice. Red and white will be about 70cals for 6oz. And you can slowly sip these. Go with white if you are not much of a wine drinker, because red could make you feel like crap the next day. Beer is second best, though some of the stouts and ales can pack on the calories ... light beer is shit but at least you got something in your hand.

b) If you are looking to get drunk while consuming minimal excess calories, then go with shots of whiskey ..neat or on the rocks. By the way Vodka is great to shoot, but IT MUST BE CHILLED. Most people say that vodka tastes like shit because they do not chill it ... stick it in the freezer.

Alcohol is ~7cal/gm Carbs are 4 cal/gm...the more alcohol or carbs the more calories.
Stay AWAY from the EGGNOG and most liqueurs and schnapps type drinks.


I concur with Chris. Hard liquor will give you more "bang for your buck". But come on, it's the holidays. Go ahead and indulge a little and have yourself a beer. Mmmmm, beer.

And Chris, evidently you've been drinking the wrong American beer :slight_smile:


Gin and Tonic in my opinion would be the best.


Well, Well well... There are some good US microbrews. I understand the Canuck pride in their beer, my family is from Toronto, but I have found a few good ones here in Cali. Moylans is usually 8-9%. So you get the buzz without all the fuss. Really they make a good brew and ALL should try. Really high quality stuff. Enjoy!!!


Grain alcohol son, grain alcohol. This'll do u in quick with minimal calories if you swig it like a champ (no fruity punch) Just hold onto your hat.


you're probably best off with vodka or some red wine.


Jack and Diet Coke


Widmer Bourbon Bock- It's aged in old Jim Beam bourbon barrels. I am not sure what the percentage is, but it is well over 6-7%. they even add a little bourbon to the mix. Like Patricia said, if your ever in Portland, we will give you the tour.


On the topic of drinking, do you think having a daily light beer would have a negative effect on my training. I know alchohol is bad for t-levels, increases cortisol ect. But, I was thinking I could get away with such a small amount.


For beer, I would recommend one low in calories like Miller Lite or Michelob Ultra. For those that can't handle shots or don't want to do shots, I would recommend a mixed drink with a zero calorie mixer. Several examples are gin and diet tonic, vanilla vodka and diet ginger ale, vanilla vodka and diet cherry coke, jack and diet coke, raspberry vodka and raspberry tea crystal light, etc.


No worries, just put plenty of Guinness down your neck and you'll be fine. Like they say, "Guinness is good for you."


The Christmas Spirit is not what you drink.