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Drinking on Cycle? Bad Idea?


Just wanted to get some opinions about drinking on cycle. Does anyone do it? Is it a big no no or is a small amount of booze alright? I know drinking and training in general is not the best thing if your looking for the best results possible. Just wondering how hard booze is on your body while on cycle?


Cycle of what?


On all steroids:

Limits gains, stresses body further, usually low sleep, limits protein synthesis while alcohol is in system, causes estrogen spikes.

and with orals obviously it further compounds the toxicity problems.

Do I personally drink on cycle even while running orals...occasionally, but then agian I keep a fairly close tab on my liver and blood work.

I dont recommend it, if you do, try to keep it under 4 drinks.

Honestly oral tobacco like dip, and drugs like weed, bars, GHB, etc are better choices for recreational buzzes and bodybuilding.


Martin Berkhan has an interesting article over on his blog.....might be worth a look.


Basiaclly wondering about all steriods. But more curious about injectable testosterone. Just started taking T400 went to a wedding this weekend got a good buzz but felt like shit at the same time. Just wondering if that could have something to do with it.


Alcohol is harder on your liver than injectible testosterone.

Honestly Im more comfortable drinking with AAS in my system than when training naturally given the catabolic effects of alcohol, doesnt mean I'm ever getting hammered though. I rarely drink for other reasons, but that's one of the reasons.


Besides with a large amount of test in your system, throw a little dbol on top and you should have a pretty good 24/7 buzz.


Thats Awesome

Ya booze ya loose is the moral of the story.


It depends on how much you drink. Even when training naturally, one beer a day isn't going to hurt you, its getting shitfaced you want to avoid, that definately slows things down.


Agreed. As long as it's guiness. Guiness has antioxidants and it's delicious


I compromised my progress for years throughout my early 20's (when I started training) drinking and doing coke, I'm actually surprised I made any progress at all, when I started doing light cycles in my mid 20's I found that the problems were exactly those that westclcock highlighted.

I try not to drink at all, and although I do get shit faced occasionally at certain events, I don't use oral steroids and I try to time i so I'm on a 'cruise' low dose of test.

I'm not one to call people out for drinking, if you want to party party party I hope you have fun, but if you use AAS as well, at best you'll compromise your gains and put additional unneeded stress on your body.

Red wine is good for the heart :wink:


how about xanax on cycle? get me a minumum of 10 hours of sleep everynight :))


My alcohol intake used to be unreasonably high.

Now I tend to favor drugs, as stupid as its sounds, it is healthier.

Xanax and a few beers is the same as shitfaced.

Weed as well, get high then go out, have 1 beer and be perfectly happy, come home and eat everything.

Xanax probably does not do wonders for your natural test production.

But opiates are KNOWN to crash it hard as fuck, as well as being quite habit forming. Not a huge concern on cycle test wise, but worth a note.

Just remember xanax and benzos do ruin lives, caution is required. Special occassions only, otherwise just pop some dbol before you go out and ride the high.


Drinking is never good. Alcohol is poison.
It won't kill you, but you are spending all that money on gear, why not get the most out of it.


LOL. I'm gonna try this. It's like pre-workout dbol... but pregaming dbol. haha


You need drugs to sleep ?

And decide to treat it with drugs that shouldn't be used for that purpose?

Have you tried any of the half dozen natural remedies for sleep aid?

Dumbest post in a long time. Unless you were being sarcastic. In which case you failed pretty hard


easy bonehead hah. actually a "little" funny, but sadly it's the truth. I've tried everything OTC and prescription. Diphenhydramine , Doxylamine , MElatonin, Lunesta, Ambien, etc. Ambien makes you hallucinate like a mothercker. I'm the only guy I know that can take 300-400mg of Benadryl and not pass out. I have ridicilous insomnia that comes episodes. The only Thing that puts me out is Xanax at 4mg, kinda keeps me mellow on cycle too :slightly_smiling:

sorry for the hi-jack OP.


I'm with you on guiness. Great stuff and full of goodness. Interesting fact:

30 pints of guiness has all the vitamins, minerals and calories you need for 1 day.


but what about BCAAS? lol