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Drinking Olive Oil


Hello there,

I am creating my nutrition plan and I like the idea of adding olive oil to it. (Drinking it)

From my readings, a tablespoon of it is 120 calories.

According to my plan, 2-3 tablespoons would help me go above my treshold.

Now the question is... What happens if I want to go beyond 3 tablespoons?

Will this be harmful?

Can someone knowledgeable share some insight?

Also I've read an interesting article (more sources) about a woman that is 120 years old and drank a glass of it each day.



It's not harmful at all, just be sure to have a good measuring tablespoon because it doesn't take a big margin of error to have a much bigger/lower amount of calories than you think. Having different sources of fats might be better if you need more than 3 tb to reach your goals. Natural peanut butter and other nuts such as walnuts, grounded flax seeds(lots of fiber be careful!) almonds, brazil nuts, pecan nuts can be eaten as is or added to shakes (for PB) yogurt, salads and whatever you might think of. Other good oils such as coconut oils can be used too.


I know of some strongman competitors who used it to put weight on; one of them was drinking 2-3 tablespoons per meal (a total of 10-15 tablespoons per day). This was not for an extended period of time but did appear to work well.

As long as the rest of your diet is balanced and you are dosing the olive oil seperate from carbohydrates (to avoid storing the fat due to elevated insulin) then I would guess that you should be fine. If you are concerned perhaps seek out an expert in the field - but I am not sure that any nutritionist would approve a program like this. You could always get your blood work done before the program and then check it again about six weeks in to see if anything has changed.


You're going to go from not eating it at all to taking shots of it?

What about the whole middle ground where you add it liberally to salads and pan fry chicken breasts in it?


Olive oil tastes like shit.
I eat raw eggs liberally but I'll be damned if I ever take another olive oil shot again in life.


I got extra light tasting olive oil and did shot of that. After wards I would have the worse stomach ache. Oh and one time I did a shot I threw up a bit. Just so nasty, makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.


Thanks for ur replies.

Well, I'll try taking 3 tbs in the morning and 3 tbs sometime after workout.

I am considering this approach because I am a student and I live in France. Shitty country no offence.

Originally I am from the Balkans where good nutrition is abundant there. As for France, they lack some of the best stuff.

For instance yoghurt!!! I cant stand milk, but there is no yoghurt here. There may be some fruity YOP shit, but cmon.

Also no peanut butter. I just cant find that stuff.

This is how my plan would look like:

Morning: 5 whole eggs, 2 tbs honey, oats and 3 tbs olive oil

Snack: 20+ almonds

Lunch: 200 grams tuna in water, or chicken for same amount of nutrients.

Prework: BCAA, 5 gr creatine, and gainer shake

Postwork: 5 gr creatine and gainer shake

Sometime after workout: another gainer shake

Dinner: chicken breasts and 3 tbs olive.

Now, as shakes pointed out, there are some conflicts with carbs and olive oil.

Also I plan to ditch the third shake for some almonds and eggs. Give me some insight.

But the olive oil is a lot of help because its pure calories worth 700.

Respect again


Nasty ass shit in my opinion.

I just use heavy cream with milk for a fat/calorie source (50cals per tblspn).


I agree with you on that, although like mentioned above, they have an extra light olive oil -- which refers to the taste and not the calorie content.

I have no problem reaching 90g of fat a day using peanutbutter, eggs, and nuts.


2x I think you need to try taking a shot of the stuff before you build your routine around it.


hah yah man I would suggest you add it to a protein shake or something instead of doing a shot. I did that once and never will again. I also did a shot of apple cider vinegar once and I thought I died, true story.


Be careful to only add 1 tbsp per day at a time and build up your tolerance. If you go from zero to 2-3 shots per day or the equivalent, you might get some nasty shits.

Ahhhh I'll never forgive myself for doing acv shots... I did that for about a week straight once a day last year. GAG!!!

I hear coconut oil or walnut oil are tastier options to add to your protein shakes than EVOO. Never done it myself, though.


You guys taking shots of the stuff are crazy. It's really not worth the displeasure and you're not more hardcore for doing it lol.

Just mix it in your shakes. I used a tablespoon of extra light in my AM and PM shake. Whole milk a scoop or two of whey and some OO tastes nice and creamy. Sometimes I'll drizzle a little on some vegetables or a potatoe.

If you don't like shakes just pour it on appropriate foods. Eat a salad every now and then, just don't tell anyone...


I am so glad that I am seeing some guys who hate olive oil, it leaves more for me. I was born with this in my blood.


x2 fratello!!! Che cazzo!


I also don't get that "drinking a shot of olive oil" either. Why would that be necessary? Just try to figure out a way to include it in your meals! One of my daily P+F meals is:

  • a bunch of shrimp
  • 3 tablespoons of OO
  • a little bit of shredded cabbage
  • an orange or a couple of clementines
  • spicy asian sauce

All those ingredients together make for a delicious asian-tasting "salad" with over 500 calories plus a handful of raw almonds for "dessert" = more than 600 calories of goodness without having to worry about chugging the oil by itself!


A shot of olive oil's not that bad. It feels greasy more than anything. I did for a while based on a Shugart article http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/get_big_without_getting_fat&cr= (2 to 3 shots a day). It's not any worse than an other shots I've had.


Well sir, we are polar opposites!

If you MUST use EVOO shots, put it in a vegetable juice and down it. It's a whole lot better.


HAH... taking shots.... i used to literally chug the shit from the bottle, for a different reason however, someone told me it would get rid of my acne, it wasnt that bad for 2-3 weeks but my acne didnt clear up, and it was no fun drinking the shit, (probably about 8-10 oz's a night), crazy the things ull do for clear skin


HAH... taking shots.... i used to literally chug the shit from the bottle, for a different reason however, someone told me it would get rid of my acne, it wasnt that bad for 2-3 weeks but my acne didnt clear up, and it was no fun drinking the shit, (probably about 8-10 oz's a night), crazy the things ull do for clear skin