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Drinking Milk While Working Out?

Good idea? bad idea? I’m thinking it’s got protein in it, plus sugars for energy…any downside?

worked great for him…

Frank Yang Wins At Everything, Forever.

Can’t imagine it would be “bad”. I know people who tried it and it made em feel a little queasy. But give it a try. Not going to hurt.

He didn’t think it was a good idea.

You might vomit a little bit while squatting, that’s all :slight_smile:

Not to be dogmatic about him, but I do remember reading that Paul Anderson used to do it.

I really think its a matter if you can stomach it or not. Personally I think it would be tough to train hard and not get queasy.

I’ve done it before. This was when I was doing heavy shit with low reps, with strength being my only concern.


Give it a shot.

I think I would barf up shit after a bit. I get thirsty as hell when working out and I could see myself downing to much milk and blowing chunks in front of people haha.

I was thinking something similar, maybe 12oz. of sport drink with 5g glutamine dissolved in it for glycogen replenishment and to blunt cortisol. I’m guessing that would be a bit more pleasant than milk. Any way this could interfere with pwo insulin spike?

I drank a bunch of milk before my workout today. I was ripping ass like crazy half way through.

personally milks to thick, and it also thickens into a mucus in your stomach so i would imagine it would make you feel like shit but ive meevr tried it and everyones different so try it and see what happens

If you’re using milk exclusively, go for half skimmed or skimmed milk. I’ve read reports that milk is a very effective rehydration drink, probably better than many commercially available sports drink. Plus it has both whey and casein in it.

Can’t see why you can’t use milk as a pre/post workout drink when you don’t have enough money to buy Surge, unless you’re lactose intolerant of course. Although I think you’ll need to add some other sources of protein, whey for example, if you don’t want to increase you’re carb intake from milk too much.

[quote]Vash wrote:
Frank Yang Wins At Everything, Forever.[/quote]


too thick for me…plus i’m weird and can only drink milk if it’s cold. the thought of pouring it in a bottle, driving to the gym, warming up, then lifting for over an hour while drinking milk that has most likely warmed up just disgusts me. that’s just me…can’t see it being a bad thing.

worth a shot though, up to you.

I used to drink at least a litre or 2 pints of full fat milk every workout. Works great for strength and weight gain.