Drinking Marijuana Tea?

Have any of you heard of brewing marijuana in a tea form and drinking it? It’s suppose be good for your digestive process(Being Organic marijuana)and relax you without the harm of smoke going into your lungs. Anyone know about this? Doug K., T-Men or T-Staff? I also hear in can be eaten.

Well, THC is not water-soluable so I don’t see how making tea with marijuana will get you anything besides soggy weed. And really gross tea. If you really don’t want to smoke, find yourself a good pot brownie recipie, but be sure to count those calories.

Pot brownies are quite an experience.

I had some when I was in Holland a few years ago and it tested pretty good(not great). It had a mild relaxing. I would stick to kava kava or peppermint tea in the US. No legal worries there.

Eh, I’d rather not admit this but I’ll go ahead and post it. About five years ago on those rare occasions when I used to get high with buddies, I’d let them smoke it, but I’d mix a whole quarter of cheap pot in the food processor with flax and fish oil to improve absorbtion. I would then eat it on an empty stomach. Not much for taste, but all I can say is wow it worked.

marijuana can only be eaten if it is cooked in a fatty substance. That is why dope stays in your system so long–it is stored in your body fat. Examples of recipies:cookies, brownies, butter, cheese sauce ect. The major draw back is that you need A LOT of dope to get the desired effect. Magic mushrooms, however, can easily be made into tea. Simply brew a pot of tea,throw in some shrooms (like three grams or so) and let sit for 20 min. Then drink. WARNING! The results of drinking the tea will be much more unpredictable then just eating one gram of shrooms at a time. (anyone reading this could imagine how much time in university I wasted because of useless knowledge like this)

That’s not how you make it - rookie.

Marijuana can be eaten raw, without anything added and it will work. This works a lot better with hash though. If you can get pollen, hash or oil just mix it in some very strong coffee and suck it up, it should taste horrible.

If you don’t wan’t to eat it all, you’ll have to cook it in fat like someone else said. Morrocans drink it with fat milk, cooking with butter or any oil will also do.

Personally, I think any self respecting junkie will appreciatte that taste of it, especially after having experienced the brutal high you get from it. Beware, It can leave you whishing you hadn’t taken it.

Yeah, I can remember once when I…uh…whoah!!! Did you see that?! Damn! Anyway, I…Oh, man, I forgot what I was saying! Shit – I’m hungry…