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Drinking Liquid Steroids


ive recently heard about oral products which can be taken by drinking them.

Things suck as:


Has any1 had any experience doing this? what were the results, and good gains or anything?



Are you really this naive?

Whatever - yes, its common.

However the actual GAINS from Anastrozole, Tamoxifen, Letrozole or Cialis can leave a little to be desired! lol!


They all work the same as normal drugs. Just in liquid form. I am sure if you read a bit more on the site you will see people talk about them. Some have issues with solubility. Others can be suspensions that you need to shake well. Other then that drug is a drug is a drug. Use carefully and it will benefit your life. Screw it up and well don't cry about being stupid. Any more questions about most of these drugs are in the stickes!


I dont know, I like the gains I get from Cialis. lol

but these are ot steroids they are oral medications ,so common sense will state tha tyes you can take oral medicaltion......well ummm oraly


Any drug can be put into any dosage form. now whether it is bioavailable or not depends on its specific chemical properties and physiology of the route of administration. you are indeed correct at the fact that oral medications can be take orally. there are many oral suspensions and tablets for steroids, but the most consistent is the Intramuscular injection which is what you seemed to be refering to.


This doesnt make sense to me - and i doubt it does to the OP.
I mean, not any drug can be put into any dosage form for starters. For example, try an injection of Codeine, and you will be in for a nasty shock as it will result in a debilitating fever for the duration of the drugs action.

I am also a little confused at the mention of the OP 'referring to IM preparations' - they did not as far as i can see.. they were confused at the thought of the pill form of an oral drug, such as Cialis or Tamoxifen - being available as an oral liquid.

And what do you mean by - "..There are many oral suspensions and tablets for steroids, but the most consistent is the Intramuscular injection.."? This doesnt make sense to me at all..
- an IM injection is a consistant way of delivering an oral suspension or tablet??
I am confident this is NOT what you meant, but it reads like this - and with the OP being obviously quite .. erm.. naive, as to how different drugs can be taken or prepared, and i shudder to think of him injecting himself with an oral liquid - i just wanted to ask you to clarify it a bit..? :wink:

OP - you should be aware that oral drugs start life as a powder - and for a pill to be made, a measurement of that drug is taken (say, 20mg for example) and mixed with a pre-set amount of binders and fillers, pressed into a pill and packaged accordingly (x100,000).
Drugs are also dissolvable in the correct solvent or combination of solvents.. so is often done as an effective, accurate, cheap, easy and safe method of dispensing and dosing oral drugs. The liquid is still for oral use however, NOT injection.

I hope this answers your question.. but i wonder, what was your concern? I assumed it was you had never come across this form of oral before?

Have you never seen liquid APAP/Paracetamol or NSAIDS/Ibuprofen for kids? Same shit, different market :wink:


theres a certAin aSian supplier who puts all their oral products into suspension form and ships inn bottles,its dirt cheap but their quality is also filth

the same fcukers also sell viagra and cialis liquid


I've honestly not seen these two in any other form than oral aqueous solution...


No you will surely die.


I just started taking an aqueous solution of nolva a few days ago. The first time I put 4cc's (40mg) in a shot glass and took it to the head. Fuck that. It gave me strep throat for like 30 sec! It was like taking a triple shot of McCormick's vodka. I chased it with 2 full glasses of sugar free kool aid and I could still taste it in the back of my throat. But, gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Pour it in the bottom of a glass and fill it with grapefruit juice. Problem solved.


stop being a pussy and drink your juice. :wink:

with that said I found you take a syringe with no needle shoot it straight to the back of your throat and chase with grapefruit juice.
or mixing it with grapefruit juice like turbo whatever there said will help taste.


The Nolvadex is obviously suspended in a majority ratio of grain or over-proof alcohol.

I just down my 4 doses of Dbol a day... suck it up man.

Injections are hardly like soft kisses from a naked girl now are they? :wink:

Wait - it is 10mg/ml? That is particularly low mate - lower than an alcohol only solvent could attain.. i believe that 50mg/ml is the best concentration one can achieve with 190 Proof... FYI.


I just put a swig of water or whatever I'm drinking in my mouth, drop the liquid into my mouth, and swallow. It's really nothing.

Personally I wouldn't trust getting the full dose of medication by putting into a glass full of juice.


so watdo yo guy think wld be the bestubstaceto 'drink' orally, to gain few lbso muscle?


Its Mysterio...Turbo Mysterio


[quote]doncs wrote:
so watdo yo guy think wld be the bestubstaceto 'drink' orally, to gain few lbso muscle?[/quote



My word. You have just subscribed to a lifetime of un-cooperation and ridicule from the forum..

Let me explain. It is widely believed here, that if one does not know how to form a sentence, then they are not ready to use AAS - it is a bit of an assumption, but nonetheless one i believe fully.
You clearly have no clue to the basics of how AAS are used or how they work even on a fundamental level.
You are incapable of using them at this time, without needing full supervision and hand-holding, which is not what this site is about - it is about education and learning, not helping those who do not know what they are doing to abuse themselves with drugs of any kind.

We, for the most part, believe in the fundamental principles of health and fitness as these maximise the chance of attaining a higher level in the two main goals here - muscle and strength (for various sports and reasons).

You clearly believe that all you needed to do was 'juice up' and you will not need to do it the hard way, this is sadly not true - dont you think if it were, then the majority of men would be enormous?
Had you not come here, you would have learnt (the hard way) that it takes a hell of a lot more than a handful of cycles with little knowledge of eating correctly to attain this.
Now, you are lucky enough to have someone who has a half-decent amount of experience in both AAS and training to advise you to reconsider. You can now sidestep the couple of failed cycles that would have followed this thread, followed by the total catabolism of all the 'gains' (read: Water) you made on the AAS - which would have had you crashing down to a skinny-fat version of the person we know and love as: Doncs.

Lucky you!

Your basics need to be covered.. diet and training are the largest percentage of the results that most turn to AAS for, and you would do well to work on these for a few years - then, if you still want to use drugs to further enhance the results you have gotten, by all means read up and research them in order to do so.

Don't mention it xox


for starters, my key board is broken, thats why the sentence came out like that. i have knowledge of aas, just not drinkable orals. you say people come here to be educated and learn, can you not get off your high horse and see that is what i am trying to do? i didnt even mention that i am taking these drugs, so why assume? i simply read a little about them and wanted to know a little bit more. from looking at your pictures brook, your not exactly 'big'

My training and diet are perfectly fine. Period

Dont mention it xox


because brooks size has a direct bearing on how much info is in his head ??