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Drinking lemon juice

What would be the effect of drinking home made lemon juice throughout the day? I’m thinking specifically of the impact on insulin. Would be healthy?

It tastes great and it’s so simple to make with those pure lemon bottles, some water, and the artificial sweetening of your choice.


It’s murder on your teeth from what I understand.

Really, why?


citric acid

I guess I should say something, being a dentist and all.

I can only say that if you’re going to drink it, follow it up with a swish of water, and of course, brush with a fluoridated toothpaste regularly. I recommend Colgate Total.

Even a small amount of lemon juice in water will begin to dissolve the enamel, and that’s your only protection against sensitivity to hot/cold/sweet, as well as the old tooth decay.

Interestingly (and I hate to sound like Cliff Clayvin here, but what the fuck…) people in the history of man have often found that sucking on lemons was an amusing social pastime, and they consequently pretty much had to stick to those same social groups for company after a while as they all had no teeth, and who really wants to screw someone with no teeth? (other than someone else, with no teeth).

ps. What’s 75 feet long and has 28 teeth? The middle front row at a Toby Keith concert. har har.

Dr. D you make my day. Hey PM me and we’ll get together for a beer.


No more lemon juice for me…


Interesting smiley, but the jokes pretty old.