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Drinking Guarana before workout?

I see they sell it in glass bottles now. Anyone ever tried drinking it before a workout? Did it give you a lift? Better performance? I would try it but i dont know its G.I. Because usually about 30-45 minutes before a workout i eat something like a pear and peach.
Sounds BS to me, but if it does have a low G.I then it is truly a miracle beverage. Doubt it though, it must be very high on the Glycemic index content.

Guarana is basically just caffeine. If it comes in a beverage, I’d imagine that whatever its glycemic index is will be caused by what they use to make it palatable. Also, and I may be wrong about this, but it’s my understanding that caffeine elicits an insulin response. If the drink has sugar too, couldn’t this cause blood sugar to drop low enough that working out intensely might be contraindicated?

This is interesting, i got this from a web page:

Guaraná contains tetra methylxanthine (as much as 5.8%!), a compound almost identical to caffeine; it also contains large amounts of theophylline, theobromine, tannic acid and is rich in saponins. The fact that Guaraná seed is fatty means that even ground into a powder, it is not readily water soluble and therefore not quickly absorbed by the body. The caffeine is released slowly–over as much as 6 hours–so the energy boost that is experienced from Guaraná is not like that of coffee (with a sudden rush and quick drop-off), but continues to escalate over hours.

SLAINE, I take guarana rather than caffeine pills before workouts when I’m tired, and it definitely feels like a prolonged release jolt in comparison with caffeine. I think it’s also loaded with good-for-u phytochemicals (plant antioxidants), an added bonus!