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Drinking Breakfast

For about two weeks now I have been drinking my breakfast as it is easier for me in the morning because I have school very early. I usually have a shake consisting of 1cup oatmeal, 12oz of yogurt, 3 whole eggs 1 egg white, and either water or milk to help mix. I am trying to gain solid mass with as little fat gain as possible but, I have realized ever since I started drinking breakfast I am losing a lot of fat around my stomach and love handles area. I am eating solid meals the rest of the day consisting of pasta, potatoes, fruit, lean beef.

I just about double my weight in carbs(330-380) and get right about 180-200 protein and plenty of fats not sure how much but, my main protein sources are eggs and steak and ground beef. So why does drinking my breakfast seem to be helping me lose so much fat… Doesn’t the Velocity Diet follow something like that… why does this seem so effective in helping one lose fat.

it might just be your daily work capacity. I’ve been drinking my breakfast for over a year now and have not had big weight loss on my sides.

are you naturally small-waisted?

how are your other measurements going? if they are going up…who cares!? lol

are you taking any supps?

well the smallest my waist has ever been is a 33 and I could have brought it down farther but got very sloppy with my diet so I guess I have a fairy small waist.

No I don’t take any kinds of supplements other than a multi-vitamin before bed.

I have not measured anything but, all my lifts have increased by a few pounds or at least a few reps so I know something is working.