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Drinking BCAAs Throughout the Day

Who knows if anyone will answer but what is everyone’s thoughts on drinking bcaa throughout the day? I love the little caffeine in mine and drink it through the day. Granted I go through a bottle a week.

Expensive mane maybe but one em bulk bags.

Just make sure you’re pulsing in at least two hour time intervals and there’s enough leucine in your bcaa’s to effectively break the needed threshold.

  • Khangles to stop overusing gifs.
  • Khangles to stop using gifs.
  • Khangles to carry on giffing it up.

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Pls help. I have a GIF addiction.

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I got a GIF permit from the FBI as a reward for reporting @IronAndMetal

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As for you GIF usage…

But, just so we’re all clear…the cops will never get me!

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