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Drinking and Steroids


K guys,

First off this is serious, not joking.

My good buddy is going on a cycle in April, his first one, I've given him lots to look over from here, helping him to educate himself. He unfortunately reads waaay to much "Flex", but he's still a good guy.

One big thing, is we're students, and that's the summer, and we're just getting done school, and we want to party a bit before, and during the summer.

I asked him how he was gonna handle not being able to get drunk, and... well... he's still going to drink.

Now he's not gonna go out and get bombed every night, but there's 3 seperate time he's going to drink.

I kinda freaked out, but the best thing I could come up with was "dude, you just can't", and I've been looking through every thing, and there just isn't a section saying, Hey, make sure you skip the bars for your 12 weeks on, and 2-3 weeks PCT, or this will happen. Besides liver failure, I'm not sure what could happen, and well, I don't even know the answer to the liver failure either.

I remember hearing that some gear just isn't hard on your liver, and drinknig is alright. I mean, think about all the College football players, not to stereotype, but I'm pretty sure it's been done before.

Now my friend is a good guy, though he's a little too into bodybuilding and the latest workout in Flex.

He's an ex football player, 6'1'' or so, and he's around 240 already, he's been consistent with all his training, and I'm helping him with diet a lot. I'm not sure of his lifts cause we rarely lift together, different styles and schedules.

I've been doing a lot of research myself, I've been thinking about doing a cycle myself, and I've been looking into it for around 6 months or so. I've been through a lot of Cy Wilsons stuff, and anything else I can find. So I'm not a newbie, nor do I really know what's what.

K, so here are my questions.
1. Are there some steroids that aren't that toxic on the liver, and he could get away with a few drinks. I'm thinking he's gonna run some Test, and after that I'm not too sure.

  1. if he's on the gear that's hard on the liver, and he drinks those three times, is he going to fall over and die? will it be something that takes a while to happen? like gear is already hard on the liver...

  2. If he just does this one cycle, and that's it, will he be able to recover from any damage?

  3. I don't think he's going to see a doctor, and it's something I'd find hard to do as well, would Liver protectants help at all? and, what are some? cause I've found it hard to find any myself.

I think that's about it. If we both do a cycle his is going to be strictly bulking, while I'm pretty happy at 200, and I'm just trying to re-arrange that bodyweight, so I'd be in for more of a "hardening cycle"

In closing, call him an idiot, and u can call me one too, but some feedback, and lots of it would be great, 3-4 pages of replies would be great. I'd love to be pointed towards any articles that touch on this subject at all, and I'd love to hear anything you guys can come up with.

Thanks in advance


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Drinking and Juicing do not mix. If he is going to juice, he should just workout like a madman, eat real clean, and stay away from the bars and clubs. If youve ever juiced, you can bet that some idiot will approach your friend, and say the wrong thing , and then your friend is going to go ballistic, and that usually spells BIG TROUBLE. Its best to wait and go the bars when he`s off cycle, and maybe more rational.


No, having a few beers a few times on a cycle will not kill him. In all probability it won't even hurt him.

I do it all the time.


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Wow, the big guys all came out for this one.

You know, i knew injectables weren't as hard on the liver, i don't really know what to say. I'm amazed that I'm the stupid one here, and with Bushy's reply, my face is pretty red, but that's something I'm going to really remember.

Thanks as well for the reply Anthony, it's kinda weird, but one of the biggest reasons me and hockey friends never took gear was because we'd have to give up drinking.

As for the roid rage... well Jer has been known to get a little violent here and there, but I'm not as concerned about that as I was about his health.

Thanks a lot guys, you've given me tons to think about.



having a few drinks every now and then when on is fine.

obviously, it would be counter productive to get jimmied a few nights every week........whether on or off gear.

and roid rage is basically bullshit. it gives an asshole an excuse to be an even bigger asshole. ultimately its the individual who controls their own actions.


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Bushy, you are absolutely right, I shouldn`t have generalized like I did. I know that being a type A personality, like myself, you may occasionally get overly amped about something, and it can lead to sticky situations, but overall, no problems.


Rhino, just a quick questions, how old is your school buddy?


My school buddy is 21, and I'm 22


No problem. In fact, I even had a few beers last night while I was talking to the owner of OSBB (a steroid board), and then a few more over dinner with Dave Tate.

And of course, I'm on...


my experience with patients with liver cirrhosis d/t alcoholism is that most patients drank heavily on a daily basis for years.

One patient I had a few years back told me she drank 1-2 boxes of wine per day, and did this for 10-20 years.

A few drinks and some dbol isn't going to harm you. An entire bottle of tylenol taken all at once will however.

At any rate cirrhosis is one of the most painfull ways to go, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


I definetly won't help anything, except maybe getting you laid which ccan be vital on a cycle LOL.

Seriously though all the advice here is good. I'd also reccomend the old standby of eating a big meal before you go out, try to eat while your drinking, and eat before you go to sleep/down half a protein shake and leave the other half at bedside with some ice in it for the 3 zillion times you're gonna have to piss from drinking all that water.


I drank heavily 3 or 4 times while on cycle last summer I'm 41 years old and still managed to gain 23 pounds of LBM in 13 weeks.

It won't hurt you to drink occasionally. If you are prepping for a contest - I would ixnay the alcohol. But as long as you are getting good nutrition, good rest, and training hard, the only thing drinking a fifth of bourbon will do to you is cause you to have a horrible hangover the next morning. But that's just me.



Thanks everyone for replying, this has given me a lot to think about.

The next step is to see if I'm really ready to take the plunge on a personal level, then figure everything else out, you guys know the rest.

I don't want to turn this into a should I, or shouldn't I thread, it's a decision I'll make on my own, as well as research I'll do on my own, but it's still very comforting to know I can draw on all these years of experience for things I would have usually had to guess on, or leave to chance.

So, once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread, it meant a lot.



BTW, I give this lecture all the time and I dont' know if it helps or not but here it goes. WHen you do decide to make the "plunge" remember that your actions now somewhat represent ALL of us. In other words dont' be the ASSHOLE you see on the news ruining it for the rest of us. Know that you made the choice to use a drug and be aware of it's affects. Really it's common sense stuff but some people lack it, seems like alot more now a days' then ever before. My little rant is over and I wish you the best bro :slightly_smiling:


I couldn't say this any better :slight_smile: Thanks Wideguy


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