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Drinking and Driving


This article caught my eye...turned out to be quite a laugh.


I'd like to see the numbers for myself...I'm pretty sure MADD or some other group paid for this horseshit.


Don't understand what can be laughable about this subject. Especially if you have family that has to share the road with some dumb drunk cocksucker. I just had a van full of idiots at the end of my street (dead end) last night that almost got put to sleep before the police came. Driving down my street, riding on my son's mother's bumper (with my son in the car) like they had no fucking sense. And then I lose my fucking sense. 8 police cars. I'm pretty sure their shit got towed. They were all smashed. Fucking jerk offs.

Don't drink and drive. Period.


This. I have never understood why people drink and drive. The risk is so damn high. Seems idiotic to me


One famous "torero" was drunk driving (and over speed limit) last month and killed a guy. He may just face 6 months of jail. Long live Spanish laws.

Want to kill someone? Don't bother with a gun, that will be 10 years. Just get drunk and crush them with your car.


I know a guy who did that. He served 18 months.




Whats even more hilarious? MSNBC actually wants me to switch over to Internet Explorer to view their crappy site.


LOL I noticed that too


Hey UCSD.... That's my school. We're famous!!!


LOL Firefox to IE9....No thanks.


Scary thing is that almost everyone who drives home from the bar or club has had at least one.


Nothing amusing about it.

Do you have a wife, kid or anyone that you love sharing the road with drunk, irresponsible assholes?

I fail to see the humor.



Well, there are 5 drunk assholes from the other night that I'm sure got charged and towed for their fun- all because they tailgated the wrong car down the wrong road.


Kid I went to highschool with, loose acquaintance, did 1 year for each innocent life he took. 5 people in his car, one in the other, and he was the only one out of the 6 who survived.

The father of one of the girls in the car did time after beating this kid within an inch of his life when he got out I hear. Although this is just rumor to me, I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. I guess he has a droopy eye now from the beating.

I haven't seen him since months before the accident, but it always resonates with me.

I don't know if 5 years was enough time. But then again I never really liked the kid, and wonder if I would think 5 years was enough had it been a closer friend...

Point being, there really is nothing to make light of about driving intoxicated.


I don't get what's so funny about this article at all. Personally, I feel that if you get arrested for drunk driving it should be mandatory jail time, regardless of any damage you may have done, and your license should be permanently suspended, NO MATTER WHAT. I've had several friends killed by drunk drivers and I've had several kill themselves while driving drunk. It's ugly and it should be eradicated from society.


Good. Fuck em. If it gets them off the road, and they have to pay thousands in fines and legal fees - maybe that's 5 less assholes driving drunk.


In Spain, drunken driving is considered "funny", like, if you are in a party and you talk how you were driving drunk in the highway and seeing lights and shadows everywhere, people will laugh. Except some, but then they can consider themselves to be ostracized.

But I guess people don't like to be told that they were potential murderers or that they could have lost their legs.


Walking drunk is a way better alternative.


This needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Why are we letting people who are almost certain to repeat offend get right back on the road after a DUI?


Because this world is fucked up...hardly anybody values life anymore with all the dumb and dangerous things being done.