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Drinking and Age


I'm a 39yo plr that was once into bodybuilding. I'm 5'10 210lbs. Not sure why I'm telling you this but but what the hell. Anyway, I wanted to know how you guys are reacting to alcohol as you've gotten up in age. When I say "up in age", I'm referring to no longer 25.

I have gotten to a point where my body simply cannot take it. One night of drinking kills me for almost 2 weeks in the gym. Not to mention I look like a major softy after I drink and my test levels go to shit. Just wondering if anyone else is the same boat. I am just giving up drinking all together in order to get my body to respond properly at my age.


I don't have a straight answer, but I know sometimes I really feel it the next day... and other times, since I've gotten into shape, I feel indestructable, in that I seem to have more capacity to drink without getting drunk.

Not sure that makes any sense. I still don't drink very often though, special occasions basically.


Ditto here but it does not affect me for more than a day. I'm 35.

I only drink on weekends Fri-Sat....sometime Sun. And I try not to binge drink also, but sometimes I will.


Yeah, I just don't know. When I was younger I could go out, chase women until 3 in the morning, get hammered and then head to gym at noon the next day. I rarely drink now because my lifestyle really doesn't allow for it- I'm pretty serious about lifting but damn, I just can't handle the hangovers at all any more. Must be my f'ed up body chemistry. Thanks for responding by the way.


Alcohol makes me tired. It didn't when I was younger. I don't like to be drunk anymore, I'm satisfied with a few beers.


From my experience, it seems a healthier body is less able to cope with alcohol poisoning. One beer can have a significant impact on me now, whereas 18 months or so ago, I was dowining a six-pack in an evening and thinking nothing of it.



Yep, I agree. It just kicks my butt also. I can have 3 beers and the next morning I feel like I have been bar hoppping all night, which I haven't done in years. Well, I am done with drinking except for special occassions and even then it won't be too much. Drinking makes me look small and shriveled also. 2 things i am not fond of.


hey all,

In my opinion drinking is not worth it.
If it makes u feel that bad stop.
Or maybe get your priorities straight.
What alcohol does to my body is not worth it to me.



According to the posts so far, I must be a lush. I'm not a big drinker, but I do enjoy a beer or two during the week and a few on the weekends I'm off. I never feel the effects the day after, unless I drank WAY too much. I would probably drink more, but I don't need the extra calories, even though they taste so good. With that being said, I'm sorry most of you can't enjoy beer the way you used to.


I can't figure it out. Sometimes, I feel just fine and can jump out of bed in the morning after a night of decent drinking. Other times, I feel sick as hell. I have noticed that since cutting back (I used to have a beer or glass of wine every night, now just a couple per week), I get buzzed quicker.

I have found that eating early and often (if I can keep it down) helps eliminate the hangovers faster. My favorite hangover lunch is McD's 2 hamburgers, fries and a large coke. I know, not exactly good for you, but for some reason, that combo has always worked wonders for me since I discovered it in college. And only this combo - I've tried 1/4 pounders, Big Macs, et al and they don't work as well for me.

But, all in all, I definitely cannot put 'em down and get up and do it all over again like the pre-25 yr old Dollarbill.



Why does this combo do the trick? It is the same for me.


Yep, those burgers are all fluffy like cotton candy. They go down easy and come out like a brick. But agreed, They sure help with the hangover pain. Weird thing though - It makes me feel good for about an hour an then it's right back to feeling like crap.


Absolutely. At 36 it didn't have that much affect on my, but within the last 3 years drinking kick my ass. After 1 night of not-too-hard drinking, I'm hungover for 2 days, and have no strength for at least a week. Therefore, I rarely have even 1 drink, I'm now the DD.


I have to apologize about posting on this thread, as I didn't realize that it was from the over 35 forum. I do have a question though. I'm 29 and haven't started to feel the "aging effects" many describe to me that happen after one turns 30. So can I chalk up alcohol as something else that will be harder on me as I age? That seems to be the consensus here.


But, the more important point is, I drink better stuff now. I don't drink that often but it is better quality. I don't drink Bud, but rather some hand-crafted ale. Don't drink wine with screw top lids anymore. And I appreciate sipping a good scotch.

In MODERATION, and with good quality, alcohol has little negative effect.


I hate to tell you this, but this combo works because McDick's puts agents in the food to settle your stomach. They do it because they know what's in there and how most people's stomachs would react to it. Appealing, no?

That being said, it does make the perfect hangover cure. I once asked for just the chems, but got shut down.


"asked for just the chems" THAT made me laugh...Good one.


That sounds like some French conspiracy theory. I think it has more to do with the right combination of simple carbs, sodium, starches, fat and caffeine, but hey, I'm no scientist. Nonetheless, it works and I hit it when necessary.



Hmm, I'm thinking some of it has to do with how often you drink.

Seriously, if you are drinking a fair amount, it seems as if you get used to it, and handle it better.

Since getting healty, fit or whatnot, a lot of us avoid booze altogether for months... and lose our tolerance for it.

I don't intend to test this theory personally though!


I believe the tolerance is to do with the amount of acohol-dehydrogenase your liver produces. The more alcohol you have regularly, the more of this enzyme you produce to combat the poison you're ingesting. The more of the enzyme you have, the more you need to drink to feel the same effect......hence a downward spiral.