Drink winstrol?

I’ve read on other boards that one can drink Winstrol and get an anabolic effect. Is this true? and is it as effective as injecting it? The thought of daily injections make me cringe.

You can get an effect from it, but not nearly as well as you would from injection because the stomach acids will mess it’s absorbsion (sp). You’d be better off w/spraying Andro/Nandro than drinking Winny if you don’t like injections.

Oral winstrol, whether its from an injectable or in tab form, is just as effective as injecting it. BUT the dosages have to be scaled up because less of the drug is absorbed.

You just need to get over the injection issue.
With a 29 gauge, 1/2 inch, 1 cc (“100 IU”)
insulin needle, injected slowly into say a quad,
you will be wondering to yourself how you
could POSSIBLY have been such a pussy, since
there is nothing to it at all, whatsoever.

is that injection recommendation only good for winstrol?

what pins (gauge, length, etc) can be used with what steroids/where?

any help appreciated as I HATE jabs too!

All steroids, except perhaps some Winstrol
preparations that have too large a particle
size (Zambon does not; others can give problems) are suitable for 29 gauge injection
provided that injecting 1cc works out fine
for you.

Most prefer “backloading” the syringe: using
a 21 gauge or 23 gauge to draw from an
amp or vial, pulling the plunger out of the
29 gauge, then adding to the back of the
29 gauge and replacing plunger. I don’t like
that myself: I prefer to draw in with the
29 gauge. Hold it upside down till the oil
reaches the rubber piston, then at that point
friction will actually hold it in place. Just
lay it on its side and come back a few minutes
later and it’s full.

Injection sites need to be where there is not
that much subcutaneous fat.

With Winstrol other than Zambon, aspirating
the suspension into a 23 gauge, then
squirting out forcefully, then repeating
the process several times, generally gets
it where it will go through the 29 gauge
with no problem. Some guys say it always
works for them, others say they still have
problems. If there are still problems, a
25 gauge is just as painless and almost as
easy on the body as a 29 gauge.

When wanting to inject 3 cc, a 25 gauge is
the way to go: not a 23 or 21 gauge. However
you will want to have the larger needles
also to aspirate (draw into) the syringe,
then swap needles to a 25 gauge for the injection.

Why anyone injects with a 21 gauge is beyond me: it’s needless abuse.

(addition to post below) When using a 25 gauge,
unless injecting where there is a LOT of fat,
I mean serious blubber, a 1 inch length
is completely sufficient. No reason to use
1.5 inches.

Unless you’re really out of shape, your
ass should not be so fat as to require
a 1.5 inch needle; and quads, certainly not
unless you are just grossly obese and tend to store fat in the legs.

So why is 1.5 inches so much more common? Well,
doctors prefer one-size-fits-all, and a lot
of patients do have really fat asses.

Thanks for the feedback and 1 more question: Would it be acceptable to load the same syringe with primo depot in addition to the zambon and inject it with a 25 or 29 gauge needle? I keep hearing different opinions!

so Bill, if I was injecting every other day with 2cc’s (TA) and also once a week with another 2cc’s (test) would a 25g 1 inch be the optimal choice if using the glute?? what about if the right glute and right thigh were rotated to prevent injecting into the same spot too often? right now, I only have 18 23g 1.5 inch syringes and I’m wondering if I should get some 25 gaugers? thanks Bill.

Scott, I personally would definitely go with
the 25 gauge if injecting 2 cc at a time, either
that or two injections with 29 gauges, if I was wanting to inject into biceps for example (there is quite a bit of discussion on that previously on the forum.) Including the thigh in your alternation is a good idea. Personally
I have never used a 1 inch in the thigh (or a 1.5 inch) but others have… I use 1/2 inch, 29 gauge 1 cc there. Just personal preference.

Mark, I really don’t know… it’s probably okay
but for all I know, maybe the oil would make the Winstrol suspension gum up. I just don’t know, not having done it.