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Drink While Working Out?

Is it good to sip on some Gatorade or something while working out, or is it better to just have water?


Berardi recommends a 50/50 blend of dextrose/maltodextrin and 3-5 grams each of glutamine and bcaa mixed in. Power Drive can also be added.

i like to drink whey protein isolate and some bcaas in water. keeps my amino levels high and makes recuperation much easier. laters pk

Pending on your Goals and the duration/intensity of your workouts, there are a plethora of possible answers.

JMB has the best recommendation about this. If you choose only Gatorade, at least dilute it to half of what it normally is. Gatorade has too many carbs and too much sugar if not diluted.

I read the thread about three months ago but lost it. How much BCAA should be in the workout drink?

Can’t remember off the top of my head…may have been around 20 grams. But I’m not sure. You may want to do a search. It may be on the forum or it may have been in a previous article of John’s. Sorry I couldn’t help bro.

3-5 grams of BCAA in the drink is what John recommended. The entire concoction would consist of between 20-30 grams carbs from a 50/50 mix of dextrose and maltodextrin, 3-5 grams of BCAA, 3-5 grams of L-Glutamine and perhaps some flavoring. I had mine made up by the protein factory. costs about 30 bucks a pound without carbs. I mixed mine up without the dextrose/maltodextrin so I can use it while dieting and then just add the carbs when on a gaining phase. Hope this helps

Brandon: What you posted repesents a “final piece of the puzzle” that I’m having problems with. First…I’ve got JB’s recommendations down, but I’m confused on the nature of the order you should place with the Protein Factory. What exactly do we ask Alec for? All the ingredients separately and/or mixed? Some separately and certain ones mixed?(eg BCAA’s, Glutamine). Also, I recall in past post that certain of these ingredients (OR it could have been hydrolyzed protein…I’ve forgotten)had a HORRIBLE taste…what flavoring do you ask for (or does it not matter because these ingredients are okay?). Hope you can help,(or perhaps even POST you typical order?), Brandon. I tried to get Alec to post, but (and he was RIGHT…I wasn’t thinking!) that selling and/or posting on Testosterone would be inappropriate. However, what he sent via e-mail for ME to post were some standard concoctions containing whey…just wasn’t what we were looking for…

Well…this post is too long already…hope you can help…and THANKS WAAAYyyy before hand! Mufasa…

Lion King…lil’ Timbo’s here to save the day again! Pulled this one off for ya (straight from the JB Chronicles):

I use the protein factory’s BCAA during training. I add 5g of bulk BCAA powder and 1 serving of power drive to a premade 45% malto, 45% dextrose, 10% glutamine premade solution from Alex. The carb and gln solution is sweetened with orange flavoring and sucralose and when diluted in 1L water, tastes very mild with no bitterness at all. However, when I was dieting, I would use only the power drive, BCAA, and the glutamine in 1 L of water (no carbs) and that too was very palatable.

Okay, so you'd give the Protein Factory a jingle, hopefully talk to Alex (not Alec or one of the chicks who just know how to answer the phone), then you'd ask for a mixture of 45% maltodextrin, 45% dextrose, and 10% glutamine. They will ask you how much and you say how many ever pounds. You can also get any of the flavorings and/or sweeteners. JB said he goes with orange flavoring and sucralose, but those are up to you. You would then also order a separate amount of BCAA powder--this is the bitter stuff, my man. You could also do the glutamine separate from the carbos (just do 50/50 malto/dextrose) and add 5g of glutamine with the 5g of BCAA. I believe JB said around 30-40g of carbs per liter of water. Hope this helps a bit, big fella.

Here is exactly what I ordered from the protein factory. I said “I want a mix of 50% L-glutamine and 50% BCAA with orange flavor and sweetened with Splenda” I ordered a pound of it which was about 30 bucks. If you want to buy your carbs there then say “For my second product I want a mix of 50% maltodextrin and 50% dextrose with orange or fruit punch flavor and sweetened with Splenda.” This is only 5 bucks or so for 2 pounds. Then if I am on a dieting phase I just scoop out some of my glutamine/bcaa mix and throw it in some water (I also add a scoop of power drive) and head off to the gym. If I am in a gaining phase I will add 20-30 grams carbs of the dexrose/maltodextrin mix to the aformentioned drink. Hope this helps.

You guys are the best! The Lion’s “jigsaw puzzle” is almost complete! Thanks guys! (You guys could have ripped me for being too “anal”, you know…)Mufasa

About drinking BCAA’s during your workout:
I use Surge after my workouts, and TP was pretty adamant about saying not to fuck around with the amino-acid proportions of Surge…would drinking BCAA’s during the workout not screw up the so-called “precise” Surge formulation?

Thanks guys, that’s why I love this forum you guys are great!!!