Drink Recipes

Looking for some recipes for pre/post workout drinks as well as some favorite weight gain drink recipes. Thanks.

Surge is the only thing I’d use for pre and post training. For weight gain and other recipes, checkout the ‘shake it up’ article at T-mag. Lots of good ones there. I like the oatmeal shake.

i buy a huge 4 lb bag of dextrose (corn sugar) from a beer making supply store, put a few packs of unsweetened orage kool-aid in there… cheap carbs for about $4 for 4 pouns… i mix about 2-3 scoops (50-75g. carbs) with about 2 scoops of vanilla whey (40 g. protein)… pretty damn good !

I have been using Twin labs “Mass Fuel”, but any product with good source of complex carbs and little sugar will do, I also mix some extra protein and some glutamine with it. How much, depends on your body and goals.