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Drink Lots of Water

Is it just me or does drinking a lot of water make you use the bathroom a lot?
I go almost every 10 miniutes. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

how ironic…

Sure does and it turns my piss a lovely green color instead of that manky smelly yellow. How about you?

Sorry Bud, but if you drink lots of water, you’re gonna go to the bathroom a lot. A couple times an hour can be normal for me if I’m really pushing the fluids.

what a concept! When I was using 2 scoops Surge w/ 2 liters of water for my workouts and then the same thing after my workouts I was going the bathroom every 30 minutes for about 2-3 hours after my workout. I remember when I had to workout before school. I only got to go piss once, shower and then drive 45 minutes to campus. By the time I got there I was ready to explode. 1 minute, 45 seconds is how long I went for. That’s close to my PR.

If you’re really pissing every 10 minutes then that seems a bit excessive! Either you’re consuming too much water or it’s highly doubtful but worth mentioning possibly you could have an irritable bladder or other ailment that’s causing this. Try cutting back a bit and spreading your water intake throughout the day.