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Drink Deeply; Sippy Cups Are for Babies


In this thread, you will find a completely uneven mix of lifting, life and libation. Simply posting my stats and lifts over and over and over is boring and even I would stop following along.

42 is just around the corner, and unfortunately my Adult Onset Athlete card has been expired for almost 3 years. I'm working on getting that back and staying injury free. The fall was long - the climb will be slow but I will not give up.

Come along for the ride - it shouldn't be boring.

Thursday 10/14:

Swim: 1 mile leisurely pace.


Welcome to the old(er) crowd. I hear that you can get an extension on the adult athlete card if you apply at the appropriate municipal offices. However, that may just be true in Hamilton.


I have relatives in Hamilton. You guys do things differently there. I can't really go into it in case there is a prosecution.


We don't prosecute. You just go quietly into the Bay, never to be heard from again. Shhhh. It's tough on tourism. Still though, we have the TiCats.


Hi Coachese.

Do 5/3/1 or we'll kill and eat you. And nobody wants that


Unless, apparently, I lived in Hamilton? In which case, there would be ample space in my basement to stack dead non-5/3/1 adept's like cord wood.

I might do 5/3/1 after I finish my CKD journey - as such, I'm following Lyle McD's template for workouts.

Friday 10/15:

Leg Press 3x8
Leg Curl 1x10
Stand Calf 2x10
Bench 3x8
Wide Row 3x8
MilPres 2x10
Chin 2x10


Who's Lyle McD? Just so you know, we didn't all drink the 5/3/1 kool aid. I have my own training template that's been yielding a crap-ton of PRs. However, it's based on what I know both works for me and interests me. You'll never see any unilateral split squat work in my plan. I hate it.


Good weekend overall. Lincecum beat the Phillies.

Monday 10/18

Row 1500m

Squats 4x8
Leg Curl 4x8
Leg Ext. 4x8
Stand Calf 4x8
Hang Leg Raise 2x15
Crunch 2x15


Leg workouts 2 days in a row , well do days off inbetween. What is the emphasis to his training & yours?


Come on Coacheses if you're doing a log you've gotta put your poundages down. Otherwise people reading have no idea of where you're at, how you are progressing or how hard you're working etc. Don't be shy. Think of it a bit like getting naked in public, beforehand you're all nervous and unsure, during it you're all embarassed, but afterwards you feel totally liberated. And people on here will be very supportive regardless of the size. (Of your lifts that is!)


Friday is more of a full body day with little leg volume. This is a 3x per week program (Lower, Upper, Full) and the emphasis of the workouts combined with the CKD diet is fat loss with some muscle gain.


Tuesday 10/19

1 mile easy lap swim

I was having some shoulder problems this time last year and had a cortisone shot. It helped then and seems to have "solved" the problem even with all the swimming I've been doing lately.

Go Giants!


Ahh a fellow baseball fan. Lincecum is a beast for certain.


Wednesday 10/20

1000m row warmup

Incline DB Bench 4x8 @ 100
Dead 4x8 @ 215
Bench 2x10 @ 135
Pullup 2x10 (+65 lbs assistance) - Fat suit not conducive to BW pullups.
Mil Pres 3x10 @ 80
EZ Curl 2x12 @ 40
Tricep 2x12 @ 50


There you go! Well done man.


Thursday 10/21


GO GIANTS!!!!!! One more Game!!!!


Friday 10/22

10 min row nice and easy

Leg Press 3x8 @ 300
Leg Curl 1x10
Stand Calf 2x10
Bench 3x8 @ 125
Wide Row 3x8 @135
MilPres 2x10 @ 85
Chin 2x10 (+60lbs of assistance)

Rest times for these Friday workouts are kept shorter and the weight a little lower.

The Giants lost last night sending the NLCS back to Philly for the conclusion. Tense times here in the City by the Bay.


Tuesday 10/26

The Giants win the Pennant, etc....!

Incline DB Bench 4x8 @ 100
Dead 4x8 @ 220
Bench 2x10 @ 135
Pullup 2x10 (+65 lbs assistance)
Mil Pres 3x10 @ 80
EZ Curl 2x12 @ 40
Tricep 2x12 @ 50


I lived in Dallas for 15 years and saw a boat load of losing baseball at the wonderful Ballpark at Arlington. I moved back to the Pac NW last year, and I did not pay much attention to baseball this year. Then, I turn on the TV, and the Rangers are two innings away from going to the series. F-Me, that's just my luck.