Drilling Rig Exercises

I have beeing working on an oil rig for about 6 months now. I way 140 pounds at 5’8. I work 14 days in a row 12 hours shifts then I get 7 days off. I try to eat 4000 calories a day. all I can bring up are some dumbells. so im wondering what would be the best workout plan for me considering I work for 12 hours a day and come back to camp or the hotel pretty exhausted. so I would like to keep my workouts under half an hour while at work but when im at home for a week I have pretty much a full gym to workout .

any suggestions?

Your job is probably a damn good workout in itself!

Are you in conventional oil and gas, or offshore?

yea im working in alberta close to edmonton. we are drilling for oil. Yea I do get alot of exercise at work but I would say its mostly cardio.

I know exactly what i would do if i had your job. I would beat the shit out of my body for those weeks off all the time. Then during your 12 hour work days and 2 weeks staright. I wouls simply eat like crazy and let the muscles recover. But I would terrorize them for 1 week, then give them 2 weeks rest.

You don’t have time to workout. Your job is the workout. Skip it. Or just do a few push ups ever night if you feel you need the extra work.

I would rest though. I know how you feel. I used to travel the country and work 12-16 hour shifts for weeks and months at a time. I used to shoot cleaners through tubesheets with pressure hoses. The tube sheets on those nuclear power condensors.

I used to work land rigs around the Texas/Louisiana border, now days its mostly deepwater stuff in Gulf of Mexico. Whatever rig I travel to I take with me copies of Ross Enamait’s Never Gymless and Medicine Ball training. (www.rossboxing.com) I take it you’re doing a mix of roughnecking and roustabouting, and not an easier job like mudlogging? What’s your position?

I like doing 2 short 1/2 hour but intense workouts before and after each tour. I wouldn’t worry about how much you’re lifting, but just lift/drag heavy objects. (sacks of barite, spare tires to the forklifts/skytraks, etc…) Use variations of deadlifts, squats, snatches and clean & press.

Body weight training and isometrics are cheap and effective, Alwyn Cosgrove has some good info on that too. I am using modified 1-arm pushups in a 10x3 Waterbury style workout.

Employ a little imagination and inginuity to your training on the job site and you should do fine.

Use the search option I wrote a pretty good list of options for someone else who was inquiring about the same thing, he was stuck on a rig off-shore of Trinidad.


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