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Drill Baby Drill


Obama just announced plans to open Gulf shore drilling, and remove restrictons on Atlantic exploration and drilling. I can't wait to hear all of the praise and support you guys have for a President who carefully weighed the views of the "other side" and found merit in the arguments. As this was such a large issue for Governor Palin, I'm sure she'll be the first to throw her support towards President Obama.

Oh, who am I kidding, this is PWI, let's hear how it is inherently bad policy and conspiratorial since it's coming from Kommrade Obama.


I'm assuming that will happen right after all the liberals who made fun of palin mock obama for this.


He already has the environmentalists on his back. Oil drilling was one of the few things I agreed with the McCain ticket on.


I'm talking about the liberals and media that mocked her for it. I'm willing to bet that they will now suddenly have a change of heart.


Now if only we could allow drilling in Alaska..

Oh and I agree this is a good idea. Still doesn't make me an Obama fan but at least he's done something I can agree with. As long as it's a privately owned drilling/oil company. No government run businesses!


I would like to shake your hand Mr. President Obama...Hey look there is the President from Russia.


All this is, is President Obama taking a break from fucking the right to put some lube on before fucking them for another 3 years.

I do; however, like the plan. Drill more while creating and implementing new clean energy sources. Lets just see if it actually happens.


Go to 1:09 and go from there.


I don't know enough about the process involved to say whether this is good or bad.

But I'm not a fan of drilling in general, although necessary, and if he opens up ANWR for drilling I won't vote for him again.

I've got to read more before making a call on this, but I'm much more of an environmentalist than a drilling fan.




Tax those evil oil companies...I mean who the hell do they think they are making a profit!


That has got to be the dumbest thing ever. The oil companies already pay the government far more than their profit. All they do is hold the profit on gas to about 8 cents a gallon. They are going to make that no matter what. If they charge the companies 5 more cents a gallon, the price just goes up 5 cents a gallon. It's already around 40 cents I believe.


Your point is...? It is a matter of history that Obama was without a doubt against offshore drilling. He seems to have investigated deeper, and has changed his opinion on the subject.


Borreck is looking for a fight but he won't get one.

Thank you Obama. I think now that he has fucked us liberally, he is now moving to the center.....I hope.


I think he's done a very good thing here. Now let's see Ah yes he's 1-132. Well, it's a start. What did my Dad used to say" "even a blind pig gets a cob of corn now and then".


This is a very good idea. Maybe we can muscle OPEC around so they stop raping us, create some jobs and get speculators back on our side.

Drill baby Drill!

p.s. also, Sarah Palin is hot.


ummm it was a joke.


lolol he heard the word "tax" and flipped a shit.


I am surprised to hear you say this, seriously. You allow an occasional glimmer of sensibility to shine through if God is not under discussion. I sincerely thought this would be one of those times. Oh well.

Good move by Obama as far as it goes, but as others have said not nearly enough and not in the best locations.

I have to say though that Homeboy will take real heat from his lunatic base for this and to the degree that he does he deserves recognition. This will offset the desperate grope fest for all this mythical green energy production as well. A thing he will be lambasted for by even the Van Jones types. The real interesting chapter will be written if he later tries to barter this out this for cap n trade.

Won't make any sense and I'm not swearing he will do that, but that thought cannot help but be considered.


Ya I noticed that...whats even worse is I'm pretty sure the oil companies do not pay the government "far more than their profit". How exactly can you pay the government far more then you make?