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Dried Skim Milk?


So today in my university nutrition class, the prof stated that dried skim milk is equally as good as any protein powder when mixed with orange juice or what not. She stated it is cheaper, lower in saturated fats; since its skim, and still extremely high in protein, whey protein of course. If taken with a multivitamin it is equally nutritious as protein powder? I really dont know what to believe, any thoughts?


4 tablespoons contains 9 grams of protein. One scoop of my protein powder contains 27 grams of protein. So, you need 12 tablespoons of milk powder to equal the protein in one scoop of protein powder. It might seem cheaper at first, but you need a shit load more milk powder to equal the same amount of protein.

Also, there's the whole matter of how quickly the protein gets to your muscles. Isolated or hydrolyzed protein is suppose to get digested quickly. When you mix milk powder with a liquid it's basically milk.

So, your teacher basically said drink milk instead of protein powder. But, I'm pretty sure protein powder is better PWO. Also, milk is 20% whey and 80% casein, which has a much different absorption profile than a whey protein powder.


Great point! Quick little quesion, I dont no have a tub of protein powder on me right now, but how many tablespons of protein are there per serving for your tub, i know it wont be 12, but is it close?


i kno a guy who used dry milk as a protein source.....

lets just say he isnt a prime example of fitness


75 grams of milk powder contains 27 grams of protein. 32 grams of my protein powder contains 27 grams of protein. I have some Carnation Powdered milk, it's a 500 gram bag. Therefore, you have 6.7 servings in one bag of skim milk powder. The tub of protein powder contains I have is 600 grams and contains 18 servings.

So, you need to buy about 3 bags of powdered milk to get the same amount of servings. I bet it equals out to about the same price. Actually, protein powder is probably cheaper if you get a large amount...like 5 lbs. Grow! Whey is 5 lbs and costs $30. Think of how much milk powder you'd need to match that!

That being said, protein powder has a better profile as a post workout protein. Also, you don't have to consume as much of it. Trust me, I doubt a cup of OJ with 12 tablespoons of skim milk powder would taste good. Go with a protein powder.


I don't plan on using it, but i was just wondering if anybody here used it or what not. Isn't it funny a prof of nutrition mentioned that recommendation, but failed to explain the facts you just stated... why in the hell is my tuition so high then, you dont get what you pay for.


I think your prof has anti-supplement sentiments. She's possibly an idiot too, since it took me a few minutes to figure this all out and I have NO background in nutrition.