Dried Fruit... What's the Issue?

I’m currently deployed; extremely austere environment. When my family asked what I wanted them to send I simply asked for protein (canned chicken/tuna), nuts (pistachios/almonds), and dried fruit. At my location, we have no fruit and occasionaly we’ll have one veggie for dinner.

Wouldn’t it be better to get my one or two servings of fruits from dried, rather than not at all? The ingredients on my dried fruit packages are simply the fruit and some preservatives.

Most of the time dried fruit has a ton of preservatives and sugars added to it. Not particularly great from a physique standpoint.

they’re fine. they get a bad rap cuz it’s easy to eat A LOT of sugar and cals without realizing it.

You miss out on water, maybe some fiber, and there’s often added sugar. I’m not sure what happens to the vitamins during the drying process.

And as curt mentioned, it’s easier to overeat dried fruit than whole fruit.

Assuming you’re not trying to cut weight, it would probably be fine. I mean, what would your alternative food be, mac n cheese?

ZOMGGGG teh fructozeeeee

[quote]EasyRhino wrote:
I mean, what would your alternative food be, mac n cheese?[/quote]

mac does the body good.

lol, there can’t be any more perservatives in the fruit than what OP is sucking down in his MREs