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Dried Fruit Okay on a Fat Loss Diet?


Hi, I am trying to lose the last 10 pounds and having some trouble. I understand and have been doing a low-carb diet, but I was wondering how dried fruit without added sugar will effect my fat loss? I know it SHOULD be eliminated completely, but I find it useful when I feel like cheating and it's healthier and lower in calories than reaching for chips and candy (which I haven't been eating because I opt for something healthier).

I am just wondering HOW much impact it will have on my progress and if it's okay to have once in awhile, or will the natural sugars interfere with fat loss? Thanks!


Treat dried fruit exactly like you would candy. In fact treat it with even more caution than you would candy because it's easier to trick yourself into eating more because it's "healthier". If salty works for you (you mentioned chips) you're probably better to have some salted roasted nuts, almonds especially. Again, don't go overboard, still a high cal food but almost no carbs/sugar.


it depends on where it comes from. check the ingredients. aviod artificial flavors, excess sodium, etc. eating dried fruit with some nuts and 3 grams of fish oil is a healthy source of sustained energy


I wouldnt touch dried fruit during a diet


I would agree. Stay away while your cutting.


If you're doing a low-carb or ketogenic diet, carbs are carbs, no matter where they come from (green veggies are the only exception). Anyone who thinks 'healthy sugars' are any better when you're discussing body composition doesn't understand how your body treats macros.



Thanks guys, I'll stay away from it from now on and opt for almonds instead if I crave something.

What about fresh fruit? I was told to limit it as much as possible during a low carb diet but will 1-2 pieces a day in the morning or post-workout also interfere with progress?


Also, I get incredibly bored with turkey and chicken and I hate fish except for tuna, so my protein sources come from poultry mostly. However, I buy the marinated chicken breasts and turkey logs from Wegmans, because they taste great so I don't mind eating them in excess, unlike when I have to season it myself since I suck at cooking.

However, these marinades include sugar/cane syrup... it probably totals about 12g of sugars for an entire day's worth of protein.

Is this okay?? Will this small amount of sugar halt my weight loss?



You don't mind eating the marinated chicken and turky logs in excess and you're on a diet? I think you're going to be trying to lose the last 10 pounds for a long time.


OP - Do yourself a favor and read a little bit more about macro-nutrient ratios and their effect on fat loss. Just eating "low carb" is a start but there's more to the picture than that. I realize that the sheer amount of info out there can seem daunting, but you will have an easier time of this if you understand why you are doing what you are doing and how it all fits together. I'm not trying to blow you off, it just sucks for you if you are dependent on others due to your own lack of understanding.

Many people on here give great advice, but some give crap advice. If you build your knowledge base a little more you will be more able to tell the difference and you will feel more like an active participant in the whole process. You will get more satisfaction out of your progress if you take a bit more ownership of your choices and you will also be more likely to succeed.

It's really about your total macro picture and total calories as opposed to "should I eat this or that?". Some approaches allow for small quantities of sugar, especially post work out, others do not. The more you know the easier it is to intelligently select something that works for you.

All the best man.


It's not in excess, it is within caloric range and macros. That being said, those two things in place, is that bit of added sugar really going to make that big of a difference?


12g of sugar isn't going to murder you, no. Not in isolation anyway. You have to keep an eye out on what else your eating, too. If in additional you "only" add a few slices of cheese to your turkey, and then "just" a few dollops of peanut butter to your protein shake... you see were I'm going?

And whole fruit is better than dried fruit on a diet, because you get fiber, water, and general fullness.

However, for sheer fat loss, no fruit is better than any fruit, as long as you can stick to it.