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Dried Egg White Powder

I ran across a website selling 5lbs of dried egg whites for 32 dollars. Thats around 81 servings (2 tablespoons) each with 24 grams of protein for 32 bucks which sounds like a great deal to me. Each serving is cholesterol, fat, and carbohydrate free.

If egg protein is the reference to which all other proteins are compared and has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0 as well as a Biological Value (the amount of protein retained from the absorbed protein by the body) of 100 both of which are on par with whey.

It would seem to me to be a great whey (<-- pun XD ) to increase your daily intake of protein while leaving room for more vitamin enriched fruit to take the place of all the carbs in some other protein powders available or even an eggscellent whey (yeh I just cant stop) to decrease fat and carb intake while cutting. So why isnt it used more often? or rather, what am I missing?

Good question.

Terrible puns.

Post the site. Quit the puns.

[quote]SithVegeta wrote:
…(yeh I just cant stop)…[/quote]

LOL, I dunno why but that made me laugh.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Why do you think they’re going to all the trouble to market this stuff? Keep it refridged though. You don’t want that stuff turning on you.


Thanks for the replies and sorry about posting the link earlier I havent had many posts on this forums and forgot no links on this one.

As far as marketing is concerned I wouldnt have even known about dried egg whites if it wasnt mentioned in a sports nutrition book I picked up at the library a while back. I actually emailed the guy at the website and he sent me a sample last spring. It didnt taste great but thats to be expected I suppose considering its straight dried egg whites.

If anyone else has anymore experience with dried egg whites let me know. It looks like a great alternative to whey on a budget especially if it works just as good. I’ll definately give it a whirl when my ON whey runs out and I’ll be sure to post a mini review.

It would be excellent to combine it with the whey during the day to provide a protein with a different rate of digestion. Half whey/half egg would be good. Hell, companies even make this out there now - Xyience X-Protein and Optimum’s Pro Complex are whey/egg protein combinations.

Or am I missing something…this is the same egg protein thats been out there for years, right? Seems about right price-wise and nutritionally.

I’m pretty sure it is. I mean how many different ways can you turn eggs into dried egg powder? If I’m not mistaken egg protein has an excellent amino acid profile too but I’d have to look that up to make sure… let me do that.

Yeh it does, check the nutritiondata website. Its almost ridiculous.