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Drewscpk - My 1 Year Training Log/Progression

heres a current pic of me (untensed)

starting today, June 15th 2008

Im Andrew “Drew” from Portsmouth, UK. Im 18 years old and am looking to get SIGNIFICANTLY stronger over the next year or so. I am a practitioner of Parkour with a small interest in gymnastics (only practising the most basic of flips though).

Ive started this blog for personal reference to look back on my progress and im aiming to post at least every month for the next year, possibly every fortnight with progress/set backs and goals etc.

my current Aims for this time next motnh:
(mid July 2008)

-90%+ healthy eating,
moderated drinking (i have alot of friends turning 18!).

-Stretch for 15mins in the morning, and in the afternoons at LEAST every-other day.

-3mins of handbalance in the mornings, 5 min the afternoons minimum of every-other day.

-Condition EVERY day. (upper body, lower body, or CV)

…aims for the future:

-15 second handstands (consistant)

-full handstand pushups (nose to floor)
-Tuck Planche to handstand

-OAC, One Armed Chinups

-more varied list of sommersaults under my belt.

-a decent 6 pack and lats for the ladys.

-human flags for 5+ seconds (horizontal)

…and heres my starting back pic (tensed)

…any tips or advise would be MUCH appreciated. At the moment i dont take ALOT of notice of what i consume (in terms of grams of carbs, protein, sugars etc) however i do eat (what i consider) healthily, taking fish oil supplements, eating fruits, drinking whey and using nuts as my fat source.

…most of my conditioning is with bodyweight exercises (some with added resistance via a weighted vest) so i think most of the results will be through bodyweight achievements instead of mass lifted. and also i have to add that due to consistant ankle injurys I am a (not so) proud owner of chicken legs! hopefully this will change.

…as i said, input very welcome!!