Drew Baye Wins Over 50

I’m never surprised at how a topic such as Drew Baye winning a Bodybuilding show can get sidetracked into strictly a discussion about cardiovascular conditioning lol


There’s always your copy of a 70’s Nautilus Bulletin copied and provided by DB to read, since you’re obviously not interested in cardiovascular conditioning!

I believe Paul Simon wrote a song that was made into a movie about atp_4_me.

Yeah, you are right!
“Slip, sliding away”
reminds me of HiT!

Mrs. Robinson?

Blame it on Big Cardio. They have infiltrated the medical and fitness communities.


Is ATP in bed with big cardio? You bring up a great point. I’ll be watching this situation closely. If this has all just been an ad, I’ll be reaching out to my contact at the FTC!

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Small HIT and Drew Baye doesn’t stand a chance against Big Cardio and ATP. Even HIIT is on their side. We need more Nautilus machines!


He claims to have gotten to single digit bf% with just a little trt, slightly reducing calories, and a 15-20 walk daily. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::rofl::rofl:He’s a frigging joke

He worked with a prep coach on his diet to get dialed in for the show. I believe he says he didn’t do any cardio, that may be the case if his coach is really good with Calorie manipulation. He definitely got shredded and has stayed pretty darn lean ever since. I’m guessing that coach helped overhaul his nutrition game.


There is no medical and fitness community! Likewise, there is no “Big Cardio!”:wink::rofl::rofl:

Conspiracy theories are for juveniles or people interested in politics!

AA … you are better than this!

Do I really need to explain that it was meant as a joke?

How is anyone to know you were commenting in jest?

I’m not the most clued up person in the world, but even I know that it was written in jest.
Maybe someone not so emotionally invested in a topic, and therefore not so easily triggered would spot it? :thinking:


He’s a one trick pony, but he turns that trick with pride.

Coo Coo Catchoo

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Nitro is everywhere. What you mean is, we need the big blue Nautilus that had your cardiovascular system pounding when a properly trained trainer put you through a workout. I get your point.

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One machine to tame them all!

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Has anyone managed to get their heart rate in the 120-140 range - the classic zone 2-zone 3 aerobic range, using HIT or any other form of strength training ? And keep it there for 20-30 mins.
Without taking any particular position on this I can only get into this range with traditional cardio.

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:+1: , which makes you ideal for HiT