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Dressing Like a Man in 2010



Purses, short shorts, scarves, and tunics.


God YES! Give me the skinny legs!


Can't forget the fanny pack.


How about we wear the same fucking thing we wore this year and the same thing we've been wearing for the past 80 years. What's wrong with a tailored suit, and then shirt and pants the rest of the time.



. . .

I'm going to start wearing a sleeveless karate gi everywhere.

I will own!




I'll never wear that shit. If there is a NWO it's obviously lead by women. Every thing is getting more and more feminine, screw that shit.


Those fucking outfits should come with knee pads


The white jacket does look cool, but the rest is just gay.


It looks like the guy on the left is carrying a penis pump.

Demo Dick


yeah bruno is going to be less of a comedy in 25 years and more of a documentary about how gay guys are.


It's stuffy and for self-important queers, that's what's wrong with it.

t-shirt and jeans/cargo shorts/athletic shorts FTW.


wtf would you do if one of your bros came over dressed like this? THat would be nonstop roasting...actually I might by the one on the right and have it be the "loser's outfit" for all the bets we make from now on




the white jacket in the first pic is sweet, and i actually like the litte "fanny pack" thing only because it reminds me of medieval times when you would carry a little pouch of gold coins on your belt. i like the idea of going into a shop and throwing down a sack of gold to buy something.


Metrosexuals: "We're here, we're not queer, but we're close"

One step closer to crab people taking over the earth.


The last time I saw shorts that small was in gym class, or soccer shorts. I am surprised that those guys in the pics didn't have man purses with them.


Well... men in America, when wearing shorts, traditionally wore "short shorts" and not knee-long basket ball or board shorts.

Like just about everything else - this shit ain't new... Maybe just new to those who haven't been around long enough.


I didn't realize this was anything new. Every season, designers send models down the catwalk in hideous outfits that your average person would never wear. The fashion magazines praise their creativity while the average person is left wondering where the hell anyone would wear that, outside of a fashion show.

Some of the trends are toned down and show up in "normal" stores, but for the most part, men carry on in their jeans, t-shirts, chinos and polo shirts, just as they have for years.


Signs of a real man, stubbornness, decisiveness, and unwillingness to compromise his style.

Clint Eastwood is my mentor. Especially in his new movie.