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Dreams about Testosterone

I’m excluding my name from this post because frankly, I’m embarassed. From the large amount of time I spend on this site reading articles it was certain it would happen. I had a dream the other night that I met Chris Shugart. He came over by surprise and had dinner with my wife and I. Since I saw his picture on the web the other day I had a vivid memory of his face when I woke up. We talked about training, nutrition, and fatherhood. Well, two nights after that dream I had another one, this time Brock Strasser was in it. It was kind of a Testosterone seminar and Brock was showing off on the swiss ball doing some kind of movement where only his feet were on the ball and he was hanging off of it balancing his body while doing russian twists. That was scary!! Well, I feel really strange that I had these dreams. Maybe I should take sometime off from this site. Well, I’ll most likely be meeting you guys at your next seminar. Sweet dreams!

Actually I think it’s good that you’re that involved in the site and training. If you put as much effort into your training as you do into soaking up the info on Testosterone, then you’ll do great!

And personally, although I’ve never dreamt about T-Mag, I do tend to dream about whatever it is I’m studying for at the time. It’s at that point that I know I’ve got pretty much all I need to know for the exam and can rest assured that I’ll do well… strange but true.

Hang on, TC, it’s you isn’t it? C’mon, fess up…