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Dreaming About Food


so this afternoon when i came back from i took my usual nap, except i had this awesome dream about steak. it looked liked Prime Rib but in my dream it tasted like the steak they serve at Brazilian steakhouses, nice and salty there were also Lays BBQ chips present. i woke up and my pillow and hand were covered in drool. then i had my gainer shake 650 cals/60 grams Pro/85 carbs+milk and a Metabolic Drive bar

really bummed i didnt have a roast beef sandwhich or something instead =(

i figured if anyone could appreciate it it would be the guys at T-Nation


Freud had a lot to say about dreams. Apparently, ones gastronomy and sexuality are heavily related. I'm not sure how he would interpret your desire to fill your mouth with hot salty meat. Doubtless something about your mother.


Mmmmm beef.


Mmmmmm Vagina Helper...


My god, I lol'd so hard I think I pulled something.


*and BBQ chips. sorry, i guess that wasnt so easy to make a sexual innuendo out of huh?


I got a bug of some sort yesterday, spent most of the day in bed and still can't keep food down properly. It sucks.


I've been having this obsession with buffalo wings as of late. I can't figure out why, but I buy a 14wing plate every other day :confused:


You might be pregnant.

Before my last meet I dreamed that I got drunk and ate a pint of ice cream. I came down the next morning to look in the trash and make sure it was just a dream. :slightly_smiling:


I've been stuck between a Popeyes and Chipotle binge; they're so delicious om nom nom


Correct. There is nothing gay about BBQ chips, so I had to edit that out.


Seriously. Holy shit.

Hahaha, excellent!

Live, I was going to make a crack about you catching the ghey and everything, but then I realized, if you're going to dream of anything aside from women, food or cars are tied for first place.

There's only a 50% chance of you being ghey.


Word on the Chipotle..they just opened one here and I can't stay out of that place.


Find a Moes southwest grill. You'll be the size of Prof X in no time.


mmm i love food dreams, always a disappointment in the morning when what i have to eat is never nearly as good


290lbs ain't good enough?? :wink:

There's a Moe's in Austin..I will definitely give em a try.


i wish i lived in Somerville because then i could get mexican food 24/7 and i love burritos and tacos and all that shit.

unfortunately i live in a large asian populous so all i can get is noodles and balu...those are eggs boiled with the chicken still inside them, yea.


you mean "balut." Lol..have you tried it?


Naked girls+hamburger helper

You might want to PM pushharder, he could probably get this set up, but will probably want a cut from the video profits.

just sayin.


no, the Vietnamese guy who owned the corner store down my street told me about it cause id always come in there and buy milk and eggs. he was like "oh you eat lots of eggs that why you so big" and he told me about the balut shit.

they have this store here called Super 88 its an asian grocery store. ive never been inside but i picture it as looking like a Petsmart mixed with Ripley's Believe It Or Not.