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Dreamfields Pasta

Anyone tried this product? It tastes just like spaghetti, but I am skeptical…seems to good to be true. Here are a couple of links, as well as a press release from last week.
Any thoughts?



All Carbohydrates Are Not Created Equally
Tuesday February 8, 9:20 am ET
Independent Validation Study Clarifies Carb Confusion

OXFORD, Ohio, Feb. 8 /PRNewswsire/ – DNA Dreamfields Company, LLC is proud to release the scientific information that explains and proves the digestible carb impact of their breakthrough Dreamfields pasta brand. The study provides scientific evidence, based on independent clinical trials and research that the technology used to make Dreamfields is unique, revolutionary and effective in controlling carb intake. The purpose of the study was to scientifically validate the “protected carb” technology used in Dreamfields and to prove that the phrase “digestible carb” is the most accurate term to describe carb content to the consumer. All the research and trials were performed under FDA guidelines.

The clinicals for the study were performed at a single site by AMK Research, Inc in Gainesville, Florida. The study protocol was reviewed and approved by the Independent Institutional Review Board of Plantation, Florida. “The clinical research suggests that the Dreamfields pasta ‘protected carb’ technology is capable of rendering a significant portion of the carbohydrates indigestible in the small intestine,” said Jon Anfinsen, PhD and Chairman of TechCom Group, LLC. “This data validates the effectiveness of the new technology while statistically supporting the 5 gram label claim of Dreamfields pasta.”

Kantha Shelke is a principal at Corvus Blue LLC, and Ingredients R&D Editor at Food Processing and Wellness Food magazines. She holds a Ph.D. in Cereal Chemistry/Technology with specialization in carbohydrates & MS degrees in Food Science/Nutrition and Organic Chemistry. Kantha explains, “Sound science-based research and unambiguous information are the keys to helping consumers select foods sensibly and successfully leading healthy lives. An important step is to dispel the various myths that surround consumer perception of carbohydrates.”

Carbohydrates include sugars, starches, and fibers. Not all carbohydrates are equal and it’s a myth that all carbohydrates contribute to weight gain and obesity. They differ naturally in their levels of digestibility and the extent to which they produce sugars.

Dreamfields uses a patent pending technology that creates a complex food structure to protect its carbohydrate content from digestibility, much like what happens in whole grain cereal products. By virtue of lower digestibility, lower glucose enters the blood stream. Additionally, this method enables Dreamfields to deliver all the authentic taste and texture of traditional top quality pasta, but with only 5 grams of digestible carbs.

My mother is diabetic, and loves this pasta. It does not seem to spike her blood sugar levels. But I believe pasta is not too high on the gi list already.

I have been thinking of trying it out myself, especially since it does not contain soy.

[quote]dermo wrote:
Anyone tried this product?

I had some last night. Loved it. I felt full but not bloated, and I never got the “carb sleepies.” I ate a bunch more today with similar good feelings.

I agree that it seems too good to be true. But diabetics eat it. If it really caused a blood sugar spike, then someone would have died and the company would have been sued into oblivion.

The company’s continued existence is strong evidence that its claims are legit.

The patent application is VERY interesting reading:

It would be interesting for T-Nation to do a “Consumer Reports” type thing on this.