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Dream with Kirk Karwoski


So, I dreamed this: Kirk was driving and we were talking about powerlifting.At some point I said that my favorite lift was kirk karwoski's 1000x2 squat. He laughed. I looked at him and them I realised it was him!! Damn, was I happy being in the same car with him!! I jokingly said "have you seen this lift?" He laughed again, and then my dream ended. So what do you think this means? I believe this means I also going to squat 1003 pound in single ply gear :stuck_out_tongue:


Either that or you’re in love with Kirk Karwoski…lol… ; )


The dream itself doesn’t mean too much.

The fact that you ‘forgot’ to mention having to change your boxers after, though, it probably something we won’t need Sherlock Holmes to get to the bottom of.


The ghey, you have caught it.