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DREAM Reality TV Star Fight

I know, I know, it’s Japan what do you expect.

Apparently some dude from the Hills (proudly, I have never watched) has been called out by the guy from Human Weapon (watched once, not bad).

here’s the link:

Just for entertainment purposes if this publicity stunt happens I will watch a free download of it somewhere just out of curiosity.

Spencer Pratt is such a d-bag…i had heard he was a purple belt or something, but never heard he was a black belt. it’d be nice to see him get beat down, but i’d also hate to be the guy that loses to him.

For measure he’s a black belt under a dude who promoted himself to black belt after he got kicked out of team Rickson Gracie. Kron Gracie barely got his black belt, you think this scrub is a real black belt? Chambers will whoop his ass.