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Dream Interpretation


Since its summer and school hasn't started yet and the nature of my job, I usually spend my free time on the computer reading about bodybuilding or powerlifting and watching videos. I just can't get enough of it. Often before I sleep I'm on these forums and as I get into bed I'm always think about how I WILL become big and strong and I always have the feeling of wanting these things so bad.

When I dream I have dreams where I'm running around and leaping high over trees or mountains and have this really happy feeling when I'm still in the air. To best describe it I look like the Hulk in the two recent hulk movies when he jump really high(Reason why Hulk is my avatar picture).

So when I woke up I decided to go online for a dream dictionary(Learned about it in psychology) and i got this under leaping.

I just thought this would be cool to share with you guys.


So who decides what means what?

I mean if you were to look for 5 different books on the same subject by different authors, would they all say the same thing under 'jumping'?

I looked up another site and it said a totally different thing.

Doesn't mean shit imo.


Im EXACTLY the same lool. I thought dreams were just random thoughts.


That's pretty interesting. I often have dreams where I have absolute freedom of movement. I'll jump onto tall ass buildings, jump/glide up flights of stairs (think crouching tiger hidden dragon) run super fast, be able to lift cars, run up walls ect.

I guess I could describe it as being/feeling fun but sometimes there is something I have to defeat and I generally feel like a badass.

Also I don't look like the hulk in my dreams I either look like myself (though most recently I was wearing a grim reaper cloak and holding a scythe,) or I look like a tiger. I wonder if the meanings are at all similar.


One time I had a dream that I was trapped inside an old house, everything was dusty and there were cobwebs everywhere. In the room that I was in there were a bunch of rusted gears and cranks embedded into the wall, they weren't moving.

I walked into the main room where there were windows, there was an old woman with black hair outside painting the windows black and laughing. I remember feeling an intense feeling of dread.

I woke up in a cold sweat

any interpretations?


Yes. your a closet gay. Sorry.


I thought so, damn.


Are you feeling stuck, or in a rut in any area of your life? Maybe work, or relationships, any important goals? Or are you terrified of not making progress?

Maybe the gears that aren't moving represent the gears of a clock, signifying that things are not moving forward, and that you need to make them move forward (hence the cranks?) im just talking out of my ass. The old woman sounds scary as fuck, maybe it means its a specific person holding you back?


That is a fairly good description of my life when I had that dream. It was a few months ago, it was my first time living away from my hometown and I was not getting along with my roomates.

Then I got laid off from the job I had for 3 years, and my car got broken into, breaking my 250$ window for some fucking CDs. bitchwhinebitchwhine. But I managed to make it through, got good grades in my classes too, so alls well.


Dang, that sucks butt! I'm glad all is well with you now.

I have mad interpretation skillz.


I'd say at least 10 times I've had a dream where I was moving out of the dorms at college. Last day of living at the dorm, packing up my stuff and leaving. I'm always late to start packing, moving out a day or 2 after most people are gone, and seems like I never finish moving out...... dream is over before I finish the move.

Any interpretations? It's the only recurring dream I've had.


Haha thanks your so nice that it makes me fuzzy inside. If it means anything or not at least I enjoy the dream.

When I woke up I also thought that I should probably join the track and field team for the long jump event but then I remembered that almost everyone at my school is a tool so I decided not too.



dreams are to personal to actually be studied, there's no way to have a clear definition for them.

some people dream of being naked in water

one view on this could be a taboo sxual fantasy that needs to be washed away

naked+sex water equals+cleaasing

while that same dream could be seen as


or being back in the mother's stomach...love of mother, having a need to reconnect with mother

and another could be

just tranquilty and relaxation that comes with an accomplishment

it all depends on the person, some see things as pleasurable like relaxing in water, some see them as guilt like having a unique sexual desire, and others see water as a case for mending a maternal relationship

same can be said for your situation with leaping/flying/jumping

while its had to study them , they are definitely important the best way to work through them is writing them as soon as u wake and reading when youre alone and be honest with your current situation.