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Dream DOMS And The Brain

This may sound a bit crazy but it’s something that has happened to me on several occasions.

I had a dream the other night that I was training, doing side laterals, lots and lots of side laterals with ridiculously heavy weight just banging out rep after rep. Why I’m not sure but that’s beside the point!

I woke up with severe doms in my shoulders, like I say this isn’t the first time this has happened and each time I wake up with a nice pain in which ever body part I was sleep training.

Anyone else had this?

It got me thinking that either when sleeping I was tension the correct muscle over and over and this has caused it, or that doms is caused by a signal that the brain sends and my brain actually thinks I trained.

Stupid I know but it has got me thinking about the power of the brain.

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Mane that was me pinning you in your sleep. If you want to use a different injection site lemme know


How about dreaming up some Soviet Sports Supplement action instead?

Then you can seriously tell people that your body naturally produces tren


If you was in my bedroom it’s likely that it would be you getting something stuck in you.

And here I was thinking my recent gains where from daily protein synthesis activation.


Straight down to business then…


I’m sorry was that meant to be homoerotic or am I just wired that way? no homo.


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People sleep walk with no memory and even have full conversations with no idea of it the next. On that basis it’s surely possible that you sleep lat raised…

All joking aside, I do feel that Doms possibly does have a lot to do with the brain than it does actual muscle damage.

Lucky bastard. All i get to dream about is being late for school. Then i wake up and its actually
Like 5 am :expressionless:

I think my wife may have noticed if i was doing it full Rom!


How far away from training the particular muscle are these dreams?

I also think your wife may have noticed if @khangles was in your bedroom too…

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@strongmangoals far enough away from training that particular muscle, I don’t very often get Doms either which makes it even stranger. It’s happened several times.

@IronAndMetal maybe she is a heavy sleeper!

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could well be. No one knows what the fuck is up with DOMS. I read somewhere that the whole micro-tears in the muscle thing that everyone believes is bullshit but I can’t remember where. Apparently it’s 100% neural

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That’s what I was thinking, if it’s down to muscle tears then I don’t see how it can be that as you get used to training, Doms are pretty much none existent.

I watched a documentary on the brain once where they had someone doing leg press until failure, after they failed they then stimulated the muscle electrically and showed that the muscle was not even close to failure. The brain put the brakes on as a protective measure. I would say Doms is the brains way of saying “don’t do that again” hence when you train repeatedly the brain excepts the stimulus and doesn’t warn you about it.

Pain is very strange. Especially if I get an injury, but sometimes even from sleeping wrong I’ll get crazy dreams about falling off of a building and lying there broken or something involving the area of injury, only to wake up and discover that I’m all twisted up somehow.

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I could understand that. Sometimes I have dreams involving me stumbling, or jumping, or drawing attention to my legs, and I’m pretty sure I end up tensing whatever body part in my sleep, that I’m drawing attention to in my dream.

I just woke up from a dream. I needed some type of anti toxin because I was bitten by something, and I had to be held down because I’m afraid of needles, and now my forearms are sore because I most likely laid there in bed tensing my forearms for however long this dream was.

I dream a hell of a lot for whatever reason, but it peaks my interest even more because I remember the majority of my dreams, even minute details. Positioning doesnt do much for me since I mainly sleep face down directly into my pillow. I move in my sleep occasionally so I don’t suffocate myself. If my back is hurting I lay straight on my side.

I’m a very vivid dreamer too and can always remember every detail in the morning, my wife on tho other hand very rarely remembers hers.

The brain is a remarkable thing and dreaming fascinates me!

Gotta hypertrophy your brain to reduce dream doms


I know that whenever I learn a new task, I end up doing that task in my dreams and I wake up not feeling like I got much sleep despite not having any less than usual. I also end up better at the task than I did the day before despite not having physically practiced it anymore.