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Dream Cutting Cycle

Hi guys, what would be your dream cutting cycle and what do you think about mine?

week 1-16 test e- 400 mg
week 1-16 mast e- 500 mg
week 1-10 tren e- 300 mg
week 1-8 anavar 100mg/day
week 12-16 winstrol 50mg/day

Caber and anastrozole as needed
I like longer cycles and longer esters. Just a personal preferance.
No pct - doing blast and cruise. Start trt shot 3 weeks after last pin. HCG as needed

What do you guys think?

Trt + anavar + not hating dieting would be my dream. Yours could probably dial back on the anavar, but otherwise that’s a pretty good advanced cut.

@iron_yuppie I know you seems to have zero sides on Var but for me it hurt my libido. Honestly it seems everything but low dose test and mast does these days.

@droglord I could never run those doses but if you could… more power to ya. Sounds like a solid combo but I’m not one that has experience in advanced cycles.

I’m going to do a hardcore mock competition cut starting in January. Goal 205->185. I’m shooting for 1.5lbs per week. Prob 350mg Test C and 100mg mast p per week. The goal is to lose as little muscle as possible of course during the cut. Disclaimer: I’m pretty strong willed with all aspects except hunger. So I may quit before I start!

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Thread hijack- @blshaw is Masteron just injectable proviron?

No. They share some similarities though, as they’re both DHT derivatives. But they are different compounds.

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@iron_yuppie Just answered your question but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you.

They are both often use for libido support more so proviron. Proviron doesn’t run the risk of liver damage but its also a weak anabolic which is why I say its good for libido support but no so much for physique changes.

Mast can have a greater impact on your physique so long as its ran in high enough dosage. Mast also has the benefit of blocking estrogen receptors in breast tissue which is why it was used to treat breast cancer. This can be beneficial to those who are sensitive to gyno etc but want to limit AI use.

Now if you made your own injectable proviron…that would be some shit. Oral bioavailability is like 2%, so 50mg/d is quite weak. If you injected 10mg/d…

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If low dose test and mast does it for you then that is awesome. Lowest possible doses with effective results should be where it’s at. I just like to go a bit crazy here and there while I’m still young ( 28 years old, started lifting at 15, cycling at 26 ) and while I still respond well to gear health wise ( cholesterol / lipids get hit just a little bit nothing crazy, BP never gets high, on orals liver enzymes get elevated just slightly ).
Good luck on your cut.

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I wish my body responded like yours. I get an edge with what I suggested but nothing impressive. If I didn’t get such bad sides I would prob up the ante as well.

It’d be hell on lipids given 150mg/day (oral) has been shown in literature to trash lipids