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Dream 9 Videos (Canseco Debut)




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I would be surprised if he fights again … although he probably doesn’t mind being in the news


haha, bob sapp got owned.


jacare vs mayhem was such a fucking downer


way to go sokoujou…fucker wants to grab the ropes, punish that ass


What the…
Sokou totally went Badr Hari. Did Nortje pull his hair?


[quote]darraghoconaill wrote:
jacare vs mayhem was such a fucking downer[/quote]

true, but jacare is smoking crack if he felt like he was about to win that fight…mayhem had the proper gameplan this time around


Guys, did you see Yamamoto - Warren? Very good match. Joe has bright future in the sport, rarely someone starts his career with such good performances against top fighters.


Didn’t watch Yamamoto vs Warren, did watch the rest.

Sapp vs japanese pro wrestler/mma fighter- sapp got OWNED and I loved it!

Sokojou beat the fuck out of the white guy from South Africa, and I think he did so because he held the ropes, and because he’s just one crazy mother fucker. Wouldn’t stop hitting him, I smiled.

Mayhem vs The Crocodile- FUCKKKKK!!! WHY!?! I thought I was going to get to see mayhem settle in and blast away. We’ll have to wait till AT LEAST dream 10 now. Probably longer. That’s got to be mentally tough on both fighters.

Canseco- what were you thinking? That you could just go in with your tae-kwon-do and back kick him to death? Seriously steroids don’t help that much! Owned and I’m happy about it.

Mousasi vs Hunt- First off now everyone is going to say Mousasi is on roids cause he wants to fight light heavy, and eventually heavy weight. Maybe he is, maybe not. Easy fight for Mousasi.

Overall I liked Dream 9 and I think it got the crowd over there pretty excited too. Good job boys.


Canseco is still alive, so that’s good.