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Dream 15

With the last UFCs rather unspectacular, (though I think the next UFC live and #117 look extremely promising)
now this an exciting card:

Aoki vs Kawajiri
Calvacante vs Kikuno
Mousasi vs Jake O’Brien
Manhoef vs some unlucky bastich
Nakamura vs Amoussou
+2 asian featherweight encounters

Kawajiri will pound Aoki silly, who still refuses to spend time on his standup or with barbells.

…probably Calvacant

Mousasi will recover from his loss but it will look a tad more unrelaxed, because 1) he’s under pressure and 2) O’Brien thinks he sees a hole or two in Gegard’s game.

Manhoef devours his sharkmeal routinely.

Nakamura vs Amoussou, completely at a loss here. No idea. If I had to bet money here it would be on the japanese.

let’s throw in some demotivation

I will have to hope that most of the fights get posted somewhere for me to watch. Sorry as Time Warner Cable cut HDNet a while back.

I’m definitely looking forward to Aoki/Kawajiri.

Aoki sub he owns LW fighters in a ring plus he can wear his pants.
Kikuno is like the Japanese Machida so I’ll pick him
Mousasi if this fight even happens


swing and a miss… :slight_smile: