Dream 11

Some entertaining fights for the fights I want to watch I’m taking Aoki, Bibiano, Sakuraba, Man Choi, and Soak A Jew

Aoki, Warren, Sakuraba and Minowa.

Not necessarily who will win, just who I’d like to see.

I hope Hansen comes in shape. KO Hellboy

I cant wait, its one of the benefits of living in Korea, Dream is shown for free on TV here, The Aoki Hansen rubber match will hopefully be awesome, that I only just found out Saku was fighting. Plus the novelty of seeing Soko hopefully put down Sapp and Minowa take down another giant.

That’s right Big Boss complete domination by Aoki.

I just watched most of the fights last night.

Sakuraba looked really old. While I know it doesn’t necessarily mean anything, he also looked chubby even for Saku.

Minowa was ridiculous. There’s something still fun about watching a normal sized guy beating a giant.

Bob Sapp doesn’t seem half as scary as he used to be.

And… last but not least.

I’m really excited for Kawajiri vs. Aoki. I think it will answer a lot of questions about Aoki vs. strong wrestlers.