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Dream 10

This is a little late but what the hell

Ikemoto vs. Saffiedine
Sakurai vs. Zaromskis
High vs. Galvao
Kikuno vs. Amade
Manhoef vs. Filho
Yoon vs. Taylor
Aoki vs. Riberio

Sakurai/Zaromskis vs. High/Galvao

This actually looks to be a pretty good card

Ikemoto vs. Saffiedine - No idea
Sakurai vs. Zaromskis - Sakurai even though he had trouble making weight.
High vs. Galvao - Should be a good one. Going with Galvao
Kikuno vs. Amade - No idea
Manhoef vs. Filho - Going Filho. Interesting fight.
Yoon vs. Taylor - should be anohter good one. Going Taylor.
Aoki vs. Riberio - interesting to see Riberio back in action. Have to go Aoki.

Sakurai vs. Galvao - Sakurai - Hopefully the weight cut doesn’t effect him that much.

Good event, some very good finishes and some very interesting upsets.

Zaromskis is an animal…love the way he set up(and finished with) his kicks. Well deserving of that DREAM GP belt.

I thought Jason High was dead…went completely limp while still upright. In the grand scheme of things, Galvao won by losing.