Dre, is this figure right?

Dre, i read your post on the Fat fast thread. you are right, that diet is
extreme and i would lose to much muscle following it. i am trying to lose
some weight. i know it will not happen over night. i have done my math
for the massive eating article and figured my total calories, 5397. Thats
on my workout days. none work out days is 3850. I subtracted 25% for
both days for my fat lose. that put it at 4047 work out days and 2888 non
work out. What scares me is that this is almost double what i eat now. i
have probably been eating around 2400 cals a day, work out and non
work out. Did i blunder on my figures. BW 95.45kg/ 18,14kg fat.

farmboy,i’m in the same boat. i’m 240 about 20%bf and i hear these guys dieting on way more than i eat in a day. what is the deal here. are there some people who just need less calories regardless of lean mass?

The reason you guys aren’t able to eat as many calories as you should is because your metabolism has not been built up to that point yet. John Parillo utilizes basically the same principles and when he has someone come to him who wants to lose bodyfat he first has them built up their metabolism by gaining 1lb of lean mass per 100 lbs bodyweight per week for a few weeks. This builds back the metabolism so when dieting is resumed the individual is dieting on many more calories then before…To give you an idea Parillo has 110 lb females dieting on 2000 cal/day…160 lb people 4000 cal/day …180 lb 6000 cal/day etc.
A lot of Parillo’s recommendations are weird but definitely one thing I do agree with him on is building the metabolism. So for someone who wanted to follow Berardi’s massive eating plan they’d first need to gradually increase calories up until they’re gaining 1 lb per 100 lbs bodyweight per week. When you reach the point after however many weeks it takes where you’re eating the precise amount of calories prescribed in his plan and your weight is staying constant then you’re ready to resume dieting. Only this time you’ll be able to diet on a much larger amount of calories and you’ll have more muscle to work with as well. Hope this helps

Kelly…good tips for the gentlemen! I was just responding because of your reference to the great John Parillo. I was just wondering what your connection with Parillo may be…did he train you? are you Parillo certified? I am quite fond of Mr. Parillo and his methods and have been exposed particularly to his nutrition recommendations for about one year now. There’s no doubt the man knows what he’s talking about, and anyone who follows him or has read/adhered to his recommendations is well-versed in my book:-)

Actually Timbo back in '92 I was 19 years old and just starting out lifting and trying to learn as much as I possibly could. I knew nothing about diet at the time so I ordered Parillo’s Nutrition manual. Since then I’ve always subscribed to his monthly newsletters and studied his work. I eventually purchased his training manual as well. Although I am not technically parillo certified I am very familiar with all facets of his programs…I’ve found most of his stuff is 100% legit…The volume recommended both in terms of eating and training takes a little getting used to but in those who follow it the results speak for themselves.

As Kelly said, you need to increase calories gradually to allow your metabolism to speed up sufficiently for fat loss to occur. If you follow the calorie recomendations and meal plans as per Nates dont diet post (he knows far more about this than me), adjust your eating slowly, and monitor your progress, then if necessary you can adjust calories to find the right balance in the first few weeks. As I suspect JMB would say, just start it - I went from a super low calorie, sometime warrior, diet with no weight loss to a Massive Eating mass cycle and actually started to lose weight as I started to increase calories and follow JMBs meal plan because of increased metabolic rate and better insulin control/management in the meal plans.

Kelly…thanks for the low-down on your connections. Keep working hard and posting the goods. Yeah, Parillo is definitely a fan of stoking the metabolic fires and beastly eating! That’s why I love him…at 160, eating 4000 a day, I’d think Johnny boy would be a little proud:-)

Thanks for the reply’s folks. i have been out of town for the most part and have just got to read the messages. kelly you mentioned a book by Parillo, where can i order it and what by chance is the name of it. thanks for the reply’s T’s