Dre Day

Dre, my man, thanks for looking out for a lil’ ol’ T-Bro! Believe me, there’s nothing more that I would like than to GROW! I’m really bearing down and just jacking up the calories till I get where I need to be. I’m not currently utilizing JB’s Massive Eating principles of meal combos–sorry, JB:-( basically because I just wasn’t getting the cals that I wanted/needed. So right now I’m just going at it the ol’ fashioned way with 45% carbs, 35% protein and 15% fat. However, I realize that so many other guys are making awesome progress with Massive Eating and believe that it’s the way to go. I was particularly intrigued by your kick-ass success. For that reason–and because of your very insightful and helpful posts–I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing your nutrition regimen when you were using Massive Eating for packin’ on some LBM. Just some things like total calories, per/meal and daily ratios and totals, percentages and anything else you may want to spit at me. Thanks a lot, Dre.

Im lookin out alright - its what I do (I think I should have been a drill sargeant). I cant get particularly precise about my nutrition because Im still not counting calories. I suppose that could be seen as a cop out on my part but I eat more or less depending on how I feel, make sure the scale goes up at least 1 pound per week, and have gone up 9 pounds over the last 2 months. My eating is somewhat dictated by an aversion to cooking and work location and is usually MEAL 1: wheat cereal with skim milk, whey and vitamins MEAL 2: 4 whole boiled eggs MEAL 3: Very large grilled chicken or tuna in pita bread MEAL 4: Whey with Flax MEAL 5(post workout): Whey Blend (incl hydrosolates) with 60 grams of dextrose/maltodextose/glucose MEAL 6 whole grilled chicken or 1.3 grams of beef with steamed potatoes and corn MEAL 7 Whey with Flax. I can relate to your dilemma about gaining weight because I got obsessed with my fat levels while trying to gain a while ago (although I always had a 6 pack) and wasted 2-3 months of hard work in the gym on maybe a 2 pound weight loss. At the risk of sounding old school, like Ice T said I PLAYED MYSELF bigtime. JB’s meal plans enable me to eat alot with little risk of storing fat so Im very comfortable with eating massive and while my muscle gains are noticable (Ive got about 3 depressing “you are too big” comments of late, but thats another topic) I dont seem to have gained any fat or maybe a pound or so which I will shed easily (during a week of active rest/cardio or strength training in the gym). Id say you (like Nate d-o-double gizee) have better nutritional planning than most so if you focus on the one objective of getting bigger at about 1 pound per week there is no risk of getting chubby , especially given that you could lose it at probably twice the rate, so get out your feedbag and GET YOUR FREAK ON. Id be interested in your diet and updates on your gains although I’ll find out anyway and pass them on to whopper - (“everywhere that you go, I got people I know” THE WATCHER :wink:

Drill Sargeant Dre, sir, I appreciate the rapid response, sir! Alright, just playin’ wit ya, Watcher (Things just ain’t the same for gangstas…) You gotta love that CD–2001! Okay, on to the business. I’m definitely shooting for a pound a week, or more, just depending how I feel/look, so I don’t freak out or anything. The abs are addictive, my man, you know it. I know what you’re saying when you quote the original Survivor Ice-T and playin yourself, cause that shit’s been happening way too long up in this crib. For now for me, it’s just a matter of putting the feedbag on hardcore and upping the goods till I get where I want to be. The current plan basically pans out to 45/35/15 carb/pro/fat, as Timbo handles the carbos rather well. I generally am just going to follow those ratios for each meal. Today, for example, was a recovery day so the meal plan looked like this: Uno>>egg whites, oatmeal, mixed veggies, fish oil; Dos>>chicken, white rice, brocolli, flax; Tres>>tuna, white rice, cauliflower, flax; Cuatro>>numero Dos repeated; Cinco>>eye of the round, white rice, salad, brussel sprouts, fish oil; Seis>>cottage cheese, scoop of GROW, natural peanut butter. Totals up to 3630 cals, 330 pro, 65 fat, 407 carb. Training days will differ slightly with CFM whey shake before training (in place of meal Cuatro), Hydro/Dextrose/Malto concoction (post-training), followed by the big brother of meal Cinco. I will be trying to add/sneak in a meal or two here in the near future as well. Dre, my man, I’ll definitely keep you up to date and let you know how I’m rollin’…but keep your eye on your boy and don’t let him stray.

Buenos vato :slight_smile:

I did the Massive Eating thing. It’s great. They combo’s are even great for staying lean if you a little insulin resistant… like me. I’ve never been able to eat so many calories without getting too fat ever before. It’s a little tricky sometimes, but overall a great diet. Try about 5 eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwhich and fruit for a snack. Then possibly beef Jerky and and sunflower seeds (I know, it’s High School though). Postworkout, I go straight for 80-100 carbs and 40-50 grams protein. About an hour later, I go get some dinner, like fish and have meself some protein pudding with 2-3 Tbsp Flax Oil for dessert. Overall, around 3000 calories.

Beannog…thanks for the input, big guy. I’m actually not quite working for my high school diploma–junior at University. And I’m not big on the snacks, but I prefer eating more equally rationed meals that are more suited for my activity level throughout the day–except around training time. I’m also working my way up to cuatro mil calories (4000) cause I think that’s where I want to be. It’s all good and I’ll keep everyone in the Loop!

Timbo, glad to see you are starting to chow! I was wondering how quickly you are pushing up your cals? I spent the last two months dieting and want to start putting on some mass. I’m going to begin a massive eating plan, but at low cals and then climb my way up. I’m starting at about 2000 cals and then I’ll increase it weekly until I get to the level which is prescribed by JB’s plan (about 3700 for me). What do you think, 250 cals per week, or maybe 500? I weigh 162 at about 10% bf. Thanks for the input, and keep shoveling the grub!

Timbo my man! I’m proud of you for shoving all that food down your throat! That’s what I’m talking about bro! I know Whopper has definitely given you a little push to keep on eating and make it to the heavyweights. Just keep it up. Remember, you may gain a lot of weight quickly, and it may look like fat at first. But some of it will be water too. So don’t let the first few weeks get you down. Just keep at it and work hard! You’ll be gaining like a mofo and getting huge!!! Good job brutha!

Hey, if you are afraid to gain, ask JB about his "Don't Diet" diet. It's VERY similar to the Massive Eating. But if you do things right, you can stay lean and gain mass. I wrote a few things about it on another post called "Massive Dieting." So check into it. And hopefully JB will post it on T-mag soon. Keep up the good work Timbo!

TIMBO! Dammit bro I stop nagging you for 5 friggin minutes and find a post from you on this forum!! If your typing you AINT eating dammit!! at 6’ and 160 pounds your scrawny…not to be a dick, but you are…EAT dammit!! I swear and promise you will NOT die if your abs go away for a few months…honest!!! I NEVER would have gotten from 160 to (This morning, 249…YEA BABY…another pound!) without EATING, and getting a little fat…as I said, I have gone as high as 17%…so lets figure it out timbo…at 160 your at what…6% I think I remember. SO lets see here…that is a LBM of about 150 (Ematiated…damn!!) SO if Timbo fucking EATS and lets say, goes to 12% and puts on perhaps 10 pounds of fat (I know my calculations arent perfect here…just being rough here) And since Timbo is EATING and lifting heavy, he gains 2 pounds of muscle for every pound of fat (and that is a conservative estimate, 3 to 1 or even 4 to 1 with the right supps (not roids) is possible) DAMN!! Timbo is now 190 with 20 pounds of new muscle on him…(and looking less like an ethiopian on a fast!!) Look timbo, I realize that you LOVE and ADORE your abs, but bro, being able to gain size without some fat…it aint here yet…I know massive eating claims to be getting close to getting us there, but it is brand new, and in a lot of ways us T-maggers are the lab rats of the program. It is good for those of us who have size already…cause if it doesnt work, it isnt a huge loss, we still have our size…but you Timbo…bro, seriously, just go get a bucket of KFC, 12 pounds of steak, 50 gallons of milk, and a few pieces of road kill (tastes like chicken!!) and start eating…when you get to 200 I promise you that you can look at things like massive eating and the like…just please EAT!! LMAO! All in love brother, all in love!!

Dre bro…keep this skinny bastard honest…and I am gonna keep calling him one until he has EARNED the right to be called Timbo again…time for a little tough love here! Dre…ya hear S.B. here is slippin…drop me an email…I know I cant post my addy here…but both Timbo and the dogg got my addy…so let me know bro!! Now S.B. tonight when you lift…imagine Dre, Whopper, and the Dogg, laughing at you as you struggle under the bench bro…feed on that anger…let it get you pissed off, and angry as we tell you that you will NEVER be a T-man…that you don’t have the GUTS! or the DRIVE… and when you feel like you cant push out one more rep, do TWO more, and PERHAPS we will stop laughing at ya…and buy ya a T-mag shirt…In about 6 months…yea thats it…My challenge to Timbo…get to 200 by christmas time…at no more than 12% bodyfat and whopper will buy you three of any one biotest supp you want…any one of them…so pump it out Timbo Baby! Dre…Nate…either of ya want to up the ante to Skinny Bastard??

I’m in. If my boy Timbo can hit 200 by December, I’ll buy him ONE of his favorite supplements from Biotest. Sorry bro, I’d buy you three, but the Dogg is on a tight supplement budget himself! Especially since I’ll be moving into the new pad in August. :slight_smile: But I’ll definitely hook you up with one of your favorite supps if you can do 200 at 12% bodyfat. You just gotta have the pics and stats to back it up my man! And I know you can do it. I know not everything is kicking in the “kitchen,” but I have a feeling that you will be “on” very soon, and hitting 200 should be cake for you bro! Especially with your T-bros backing you up. You’ll be my idol bro!

Timbo, Ive got a few comments for you…to echo whopper’s. I remember meeting you at the Arnold and thinking that you were bright, knew more than most about nutrition but nevertheless, your physique didnt back it up…Sorry to come down on ya, but it’s true.

At 6ft 160 in clothes you dont look like you lift and while you may have some abs, when you look in the mirror do you think that you look like a weightlifter? Now if it's your goal to just stay lean and thin, cool...but your posts seem to tell me somthing else. I had read your posts before the arnold and continue to do so and want to make another comment (my bro and I wrote a rant on this very thing and this should be up on the site shortly)...

STOP asking everyone on here for advice and just train and eat. People spend their lives “gathering information” yet during this time (which can be years for most), they could have been progressing. Just start eating really big. If the meal planning,etc is holding you back, just feed!

When I was 18 I was 150lbs and "couldnt gain weight" (ha ha). Then I met this guy who taught me to eat the following:

Before school: A dozen egg whites, 5 packages of oats (apple/cinnamon was my fav), and 4 slices of toast for breakfast.

During the day: mix a jug of water with 8 scoops of protein powder (designer protein at the time) and drink that throughout the day till dinner time. Also during this period of the day I would eat a bag of bagels (6) with a bit of peanut butter smeared between them. This is so easy. Just open the bag, put the pb on close back up and throw it in the old napsack. The rule was that if I wasnt chewing or drinking during any given moment of the day, I wasnt growing.

Next I would train.

After training I would drink a heavyweight gainer shake (about 500kcal).

Then about 2 hours later I would eat 1lb of ground turkey mixed in 1lb of pasta (yep, 1lb dry before cooking).

I went from 150 to 210 (at 10% fat) in about 2 years.

No fancy meal plans, no calorie counting, just big eating. If you want to get big, do this. If you arent willing to do this, then dont. Just stop talking about eating big and start doing it.

Im not tryin to be a jerk here but I get sick of all the talk with no action!

Well Skinny Bastard…the ante is up to 4 biotest supps for Christmas between Nate and myself. If Dre kicks in…it could be a GREAT Christmas for S.B. But, I highly doubt I am gonna have to pay up…naaa…it just isnt in you bro…(pissed off yet??)

DAYUM! With friends like us, Timbo doesn’t need enemies! JB, you really tore into Timbo, but hopefully he understands what you are trying to say. I’d hate to know what you thought of me my man! Oh boy, JB would have a field day! Go right ahead bro, if you really want to, just tear me down! But since February, I have gone from 142lbs to 152lbs using massive eating, a two-week androsol cycle and FINALLY hitting the weights hard! Damn injuries really tore me up from last October until March. But now, it’s Go time! :slight_smile:

(Part Deux)

JB…man, was I surprised and pumped as hell to see a post from you, my man…I’ve really got a boatload of respect and appreciation for all your work–personal and professional. Enough of the ass-kissing, though…you’re right on target. I do know some shit, but I guarantee you that in the back of my mind I’m always thinking who or why would any one wanna listen to some scrawny lil’ punk. I do seem to talk a lot of talk and ask a lot of questions, but you’re right, I’m barely treading water…it’s time for a change. It’s time to get out of the counting and worrying and just get the damn job done. I train balls-to-the-wall, 110%…but for what, only to eat measley amounts or just barely enough to maintain. I’ve dropped to a bodyweight that’s about as low as I’ve been, and it’s time to take some honest action. Thanks for the inspiration and your own success stories, JB. I do have a few personal questions about what’s cookin’ in Timbo’s kitchen that I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while…I was hoping I could drop you an email sometime.

Thanks, all my T-Bros for lightin' the fire under Timbo's non-existent gluteus maximus...we're gonna get huge, my friends. I've been saying it for way too long. It's time to really get my freak on!!!

Hoser…to address your question: I would go with 300-500 calories per week. Just add like 50 or so calories to each meal and see how it works out. Good luck, buddy.

Guess that first novel I wrote in response was a bit too long

(Numero Uno)

Dayumn!!! Lil’ Timbo leaves the ol’ computer for a day to study and take a final or two and is greeted with a plethora of posts! Man…I’m pretty much speechless. But I would like to thank all of my bruthas for jumpin’, jumpin’ on the wagon and pushin’ this lil’ freak to quit slippin’ and just do some damage outside the gym.

Whopper, Nate D-O-G-G & Dre...your lil' S.B. is already fired up like a mofo to hit the weights like a beast! I don't normally train with a partner or spotter but now I've got three of my boyz pushin' my ass to the limits. That's a helluva challenge, but you know your boy's up to it...the double century mark is anything but close, but you can bet your ass that Timbo's on his toes and will NOT be under 180 by the end of the year. Yeah, that's conservative and my sound like I'm pussin' out...say what you will, but that'd be huge for your boy. Just watch my back and keep me honest...I know you guys got nothin' but love for scrawny Timbo, but I want you pushin' my ass.

180?? DAMMIT AGAIN TIMBO!!! Jeezzz. So your admitting defeat already? Plain and simple…PUSSY!!! You got 7 months to put on 40 pounds and your wussin out? I put 12 pounds of muscle and 4 pounds of fat on in 3-4 weeks with a nice Nandro/tribex cycle, GVT and eating like a horse just a few months ago, and your saying you cant put on about 5 to 6 pounds a month? Damn…someone throws me a deal on Biotest supps for christmas if I got up to 290…I sure as hell wouldnt be saying um er…well I will definetly be 270 by Christmas!! I would be FRIGGIN EATING just so I could get my supps…LOL! I agree with what John said bro, if you see food…EAT IT! He ate a lot like me when I first started to gain…I used to do a gallon of whole milk each day with protien powder in it(and back then the damn powder tasted like GARBAGE!), 10-12 hard boiled eggs, about 6 to 8 Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,1 to 2 cans of tuna, whatever was for dinner, and after I worked out, I would have whatever leftovers were in the fridge from the last few days. I also used to order 4 pizzas every weekend, and wrap up individual slices in the fridge, cause I could nuke them in 30 seconds and have MORE FOOD during the day at work. I know this doesnt sound like a “clean” diet, so I will not get into the double bacon cheeseburgers or chicken Mc Nuggets from Micky D’s, or the hot dogs with chilli (STILL got a weakness for those suckers…lol!) But I just was SICK of being 160 pounds. As I told ya timbo, back about 6 years ago, I got as high as 17 to perhaps even 20% bodyfat (yep I had a gut, and two chins) but when I lost the fat, I had put on more muscle that year than any other year. Now I do try to stay around 10% (top row of abs, and I can flex to get the rest to pop out…not muscle mag material, but I dont care to be…I am not big on ripped abs, I just like looking powerful) for summer, but as soon as october comes around, I will be shooting for 15% again…eating BIG and GETTING BIGGER BABY! And Timbo…well mayby he will be 135 by then, and well…at that point, you might as well put on a skirt, and start reading cosmo…cause thats the closest your gonna come to a T-vixen bro!! 180 by December…jeeezzzz!!! (shakes his head in frustration) Aim for 200 otherwise your just playing your game of trying to keep your abs Timbo…I hear it in your post…your trying the damn gain muscle/not fat routine…I am telling ya…you wanna get BIG you can’t do that!!! Now my damn protein drink is getting warm…so I gotta go!! (See I EAT while I post!!)

Whopper, you bust me up, my man, not to mention bust my friggin’ chops for being the wannabe bodybuilder I am…you’re right, chief, but I’m not even thinking about that. Your boy’s just taking it day by day, grubbin’ hard and training harder. There’s no doubt in my mind I’ve got what it’s gonna take to get where you want me to be, my man. You definitely won’t catch me eating the way you just talked about in your post, big dawg…I know better than that, but don’t worry, I’ll be getting my cals in. You just keep talkin’ your shit, my man, because all that’s doin’ is adding fuel to a fire that’s ready to get outta control. It’s on, Whopper, and I’ll hold myself accountable for any shortcomings but you best be the big T-Bro you are and keep me honest. Whopper, you’re right though–well, of course–Timbo doesn’t need a fancy ass diet, just food and lots of it. I’m fixin’ to be the next Whopper…yeah, I’m shooting for the right to be known as Whopper Jr.

Dre...this is exactly what I need, my man...inspiration and people pushing me and telling me how it is. I've been foolin' around, making excuses and spinnin' the tricycle wheels for too damn long. It's on now, bro. As for some of your concerns: A) I would absolutely love to see that article that JB promised about his training style and methodology; for now, Timbo's training is actually going rather well, but I know for a fact that with some high octane fuel your boy'll be thru da roof; basically, I train 4.5 times a week and vary the rep ranges from 5-7 to 8-12, just lots of TUT and short RIs for now; I'll probably switch it up to 4-6 reps and 6-8 reps in the near future; B & C) I don't really get stressed out about much and sleep isn't a problem; Training/Bodybuilding is my life--well, not my life, but pretty damn close--so I watch out for those things; there are some health issues I'm in the process of rectifying, that as soon as corrected, Timbo will be even more on his toes; I haven't had good experiences in the past with creatine but will be starting a cycle soon--probably following Dr. Serrano's cycle.

Private Timbo - lock in to to 200 and thats an order. - Seriously though, if you dont we might do a new post - THE SB SUPPORT GROUP.

Hey Timbo, you don’t need those abs anyway! You don’t go out, and you don’t have a girlfriend. So who are you trying to impress with those abs? You’re worried about losing them for nothing! So go for 200 my man! YOU CAN DO IT!