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Drawn Into Syringe, Safe to Use?

so a buddy of mine had me draw up his test E then was forced to leave town immediately on an emergency, so ive got a plunger full of his gear sitting around… is it still good to use? its in a syringe that was sterile when removed from package and has a sterile point on it… been sitting in a cabinet wrapped in a paper towel

any opinions?

As long as he followed proper sterile procedure, yes.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to change out the needle for a fresh one.

I ussually load all my syringes as soon as I recieve the vials, so sometimes they sit in the syringe for as long as 10-14 weeks. It should be fine.


thanks, i drew it up same as i do my own, so that parts trust worthy. Figured it would be fine as i couldnt think of a reason it wouldnt be, but crazy things happen so figured id get some opinions on it just in case