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Drawing With 25G Needle... PIA

Started doing my own injections. Dr has me drawing and injecting with the same 25G needle. It’s been a pain to get the Test C into the the syringe, like I have to insert and draw multiple times to get 1ml.

I inject air into the bottle first but it’s still a pain in the ass. Any tips? Or just draw with an 18G and then inject with a 25G? Thanks!

Don’t draw with an 18ga if you are using multi dose vials. That’s too rough on the membrane. 22 or 23 ga to draw. 23 ga in the glutes and 25 ga everywhere else to pin.

Thanks man! 22G sounds good. As it stands now I’m beating up the membrane with the 25G just trying to get enough in the syringe.

With my current dose, 50mg twice weekly the vial needs to last two weeks.

Warm up the vial in your armpit for 5 mins and the T should flow out

That’s what I’ve been doing for 7 years.

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I just bought some 22G to draw, we’ll see how it goes. If it’s still a pain I can move to 20G or 18G.

A 22G needle is almost double the internal diameter of a 25G, so it should definitely make life easier.

The only way you could be having to draw multiple times is if air is getting in the syringe somehow. Are they the type that has removable needles? If so, I wonder if air is getting in there.

Otherwise… once you have a vacuum, it is what it is… It should continue to flow into the syringe until you push the plunger in enough to stop it from pulling more. I usually inject a full syringe worth of air in first, whether I’m drawing that much or not… seems to help a little but nothing major. I use 30g and it takes a minute to minute and a half to draw 0.35ml. Fine for me but I guess it annoys some people

I’m probably just impatient and inexperienced.

A larger needle to draw will probably help me with the learning curve. Once I get it down I’ll probably end up drawing and injecting with the 25G.

Must be some thick oil. I draw and inject with 29 gauge. I have two brands right now. One is thin and pulls pretty easy, the other is thick and takes a while to pull (I am also pulling 0.8 mL, so it is a pretty good amount).

For the thicker oil, I pull the plunger down, and use a vice grip to hold the plunger while do other things (I have to position the vial so that the needle stays in the oil). Just let it fill over time. Injecting involves a lot higher pressure (especially with a 1 mL syringe), than could be achieved drawing with vacuum.


I draw and inject with a 29g and yeah it takes a bit longer than when I was drawing with 18g but subjectively not a whole lot different. You say you’re pressurizing the vial and that’s great. I find that drawing .30cc takes maybe as much as 60 seconds. That sounds like a lot compared to it taking maybe 5 seconds with the 18g, but really it’s not bad.

Going for mr universe I see


Um yeah that should be .30 cc… thanks for catching that for me! LOL

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Thanks guys…I think I was just being an impatient noob.

The only other experience I had was a brief period of HCG a while back. Easy since it’s water based.

Oil just has a little more of a learning curve.

You can pressurize the vial first with air, and it helps. Some guys will put a full cc of air into the vial, but I find that a bit much.

If the needle tip pushes in past the level of the oil you’ll just get air and have to adjust the needle and pull again, possibly pushing the air back in first.