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Draw/Inject with Same Needle? Saving What's Lost in the Needle?

Just did my first injection. Drew from the bottle with 18g 1"and shot with a 22g 1.5" is a little loss normal. Seemed like a small drip ran down the 18 after withdrawing it from the bottle. Rubber was wet and switching needles seemed to leave some in the male piece that goes into the needle. Next time i think i want to just draw and inject with the same needle. I bought some expensive triple beveled coated needles that will hopefully stay sharp and go in as smooth as this one did. Didnt even think i pierced the skin and i was already 1 3/8" in. I had to draw and push some back into the bottle a couple times different ways fearing that it would leak around the needle if held upside down so after like 3 back and forths i just settled for like 60mg will do 40mg in 3.5 days. Are those vials exact like 1.0ml? is it hard getting your last dose out?

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1.5" is little long in my opinion. 1" is fine for everything you need to do unless you have high body fat.

To draw, turn the bottle upside down, when you hit your mark, turn it back over and pull out the needle. Pull your plunger back a little to get an air gap in there so when you change the needles it wont come out.

I’ve found that with the 18g, it flows out pretty good. If not, you can always cut the cap off and back fill the syringe with what it left in the bottle

So I will preface with this, I don’t inject myself, my wife is an ER/trauma nurse so I let her do it lol. But she taught me how just in case.

Step 1. Get you supplies out and ready, your test, you syringe as well as your injection needle. That way you’re not fumbling around with shit.

Step 2. In my case the 24ga is already on the syringe. Open the package and remove the 24ga. Attach your 18ga and uncap.

Step 3. Grab your bottle and turn in upside-down. Insert your needle and draw in your desired amount.

Step 4. Push past the fluid level and draw air into the syringe in order to “clear the needle”.

Step 5. Push the plunger back down to where the liquid is just in the “neck” or male part of the syringe.

Step 6. Withdraw needle from bottle and set the bottle down. Cap your needle and remove from the syringe. Attach your 24ga to the syringe. Uncap and push the plunger down slowly until you get a tiny drop to form on the tip. (Holding the syringe upright) Draw the drop just barely back into the needle. Now you are prepped for injection.

Step 7. Inject and dispose of you needles in a sharps container. I probably don’t have to say this as I’m sure you already know but I will anyways, DO NOT REUSE NEEDLES!!! I don’t care if you are the only using them, you are begging for an infection.

Hope this helps and I’m sure if I missed something, someone will say so. Good luck dude.

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Good lord Jimmy in about 3 years you are going to look back at this thread and just shake your head.
Go get a 10pack of 27ga 1/2" easy tough syringes they sell for 12 buck a hundred so a 10 pack should be about $1.50 Use this needle to draw and inject with. Now once you have your syringe filled reach down and grab either love handle and pull it out a bit. Stick that needle in and press the plunger. There is no need to asperate since you are injecting into fatty dead space. It is completely painless with no PIP ever.

If you are also taking HCG you can add it to the same syringe load it first so there is no T wasted since the HCG is the last to leave the syringe. It is honestly that easy and painless my friend.
Give ten syringes (1.50) a try and you will never go back to IM.


I second using a half inch needle to draw and use. Sub Q in lovehandles for little or no lumps.

I know it’s obviously a small amount lost per shot but when they get broken up into multiple injections you loose some each time. Is there anything you can draw in with t or before it so that your loss is either more diluted or only the added liquid. Would distilled water or whatever is used to mix hcg work or would it push its way in front?

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depending on the needle size, you may be losing a drop or less. Not worth worrying about IMO. I find that I lose more than that at the bottom of a vial because I can’t ever seem to get that last 0.05mL to draw out. Again, not a big deal and I would think that by the time I had saved enough of that to amount to anything, it would have passed the expiration anyway…

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Before I started drawing/shooting with 30g insulin needles, I told my dr about the waste. He just upped my script from 100mg per week to 150mg per week so I didn’t have to worry about waste. (THANKS!!!).

But now I draw and inject with a 30g needle and theres no waste.

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I used to waste a lot when I used syringes with removable needles. I somehow only got about 3 syringes out of a 1ml ampoule when each dose was only 0.16ml!

Now I back fill insulin syringes and there is very little waste

lol man I thought I was the only one who obsessed over this kinda stuff. I am wildly ocd lol. my gf gives me mine and every time she’s done I take the syringe and I push down on the plunger only to see some times up to 3 and 4 drops come out. I stopped caring a while ago yet I still push down on the plunger, go figure. I don’t think there is anything that can be done esp bec I think it really is such a tiny amt anyway so why spend the mental energy and my reorder usually arrives b4 I run out.

yes now that drives me absolutely crazy!!

What is backfilling. I plan to grab some so there is less and thinner needle to lose to. I noticed it was a task just getting the plunger to go down on the 22g 1.5" will a 30g be like impossible to push out?couldn’t i just use the 30g to draw from the vial and then inject?

It’s when you pull the plunger right out of the syringe and then put the test in the back. I have to do this because I have ampoules not vials and the little needle doesn’t reach the bottom of the ampoule. So I draw the whole 1ml into a syringe with a long 18 gauge filter needle then deposit 0.1 ml from that into the back of 9 insulin syringes.

I have no trouble pushing out Sustanon with a 29g. If you have vials then you can probably draw and inject with the same needle like the other guys suggest

I draw and inject with a 25g. Is it ok to do the love handles rather than in to the muscle? What is the difference as far as how the body processes it? Would be nicer to do it that way, I have been going straight into my upper thigh muscles.

I do 26g 3/8" subcutaneously in the belly or love handles. Dr Crissler says not to pinch the fat, just pin it straight in.

Supposedly when you do SubQ vs intramuscular you only need 80% of the T to get the same affect plus it is supposedly a more slow and steady delivery.

Any kind of science behind muscle wasteing 20% over fat

I don’t know about muscle wasting. But there are some links to some studies about subq being more efficient on the T replacment forums somewhere on here.

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And here is one the helps confirm the efficacy of subq.

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I also had just switched from gel. Should I add a little gel daily until i get to my second shot? The gel is short acting right? So my levels must have dropped given the small dose I took or am i still having trouble understanding the mechanism of esters.? Am I still getting the equivalent of at least 10mg a day roughly?